We had a great weekend and first part of the week with temperatures in the 70’s. Spring has sprung about ten days early here and I’m so ready! Last weekend we rode bikes on the beltline but unfortunately it was similar to 285 during rush hour only instead of cars it was walkers, kids on bicycles and skateboards. On the way back from the park we veered off through Inman park and hit the Abby for a beer before going home to grill out.

The past two nights I’ve ran after work. Monday I took it easy on only did about 2 miles but last night I took my regular 3 mile loop. About ¾ of the way home I decided to take another route and run along the main drag of my neighborhood that was relatively flat. I knew I should have stuck to the road but I ran on the sidewalk. My toe caught an uneven piece and I went flying. I tried to head for the manicured lawn next to me but I hit the pavement hard. My hat and glasses came off and I sat on the pavement for a minute. A guy across the street saw me fall and I heard him ask if I was ok and I nodded. I felt so stupid. Again, I should have stuck to the road and not gone that way. I hate running on sidewalks, anyway.  The Peachtree Race application is going to be in the paper on Saturday and I plan on signing up.

I got asked to teach this weekend twice yesterday.  I said, No can-do to both. This weekend is the long awaited cram session for my real estate class that I cannot miss. Despite my previous job signing me up for this class I plan on seeing it through. I’m not sure what I will do with my license once I get it but it will just be one more thing to throw on my resume. I’m still in training at work and chomping at the bit to get some projects. It’s still waaaay better than my old job. Some of my old co-workers have been emailing me that they miss me. I read it and think, I bet. Less a cool person and the @sshole ratio just went up even more. I don’t really miss them as much as I thought I was going to and that’s a little sad. I think it’s mostly because I just felt like everyone held me back there, the people, the organization, everyone. It’s so great to have a fresh start. I try to walk during lunch every day at work (but sadly, today it’s raining so I probably won’t get out at all and walk). I love walking around town and looking at all the restaurants, bars (that I can’t drink at at lunch) and shops. I do a loop up West Peachtree past the Biltmore and to 10th street and turn around sometimes heading down Spring Street. I want to make it farther and farther during lunch. I wore my workout shoes and ran at every street crossing. There’s a salad place I want to try on Friday – I’m hoping the weather cooperates.

The kitten is doing great and settling in nicely. He’s used to the dogs now and manages not to get trampled by them. Sadie has been having some weird stomach issues that I’m thinking is allergies. She’s been turning her nose up at her regular chow. Maybe she’s just holding out for moist food and rice. Does anyone’s dog have these symptoms during this time of year?

That’s all I got – I know it sounds dullsville but things are great! How’s your week going?




2 thoughts on “sprung

  1. No one said life was supposed to be crazy fun, which stinks. There should be a contract written… Someone has to be blamed for the dullness. But it will all pass eventually.
    This week is traveling through the four seasons, rapidly, and Syracuse is back into winter. Non-stop snow all day long. It’s beautiful, however.


  2. Sounds to me like you are just living life – and that is beautiful, I believe! Love to you and Charlie and all the critters! Can’t wait to meet the kitten.


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