Happy first day of Spring! The birds are at the feeder, tulips are pushing up out of the ground and pretty soon we’re going to be wishing for these cool mornings we’ve been having. I’m dying to get outside and into it!

Work is going well. I finally got some projects to work on – around ten and a typical budget for one of these is $2 million. I just want to say to my old place, “I’m managing 2 million dollar projects, bitches, and you never even let me do GIS. Eat this!”

I love it!

Last weekend I had a real estate cram session all weekend and was fried afterwards. This is part of a class I took that my former job paid for and I’m bound and determined to see it through and get every last cent out of it and hopefully sit for my licensing exam in May. I have to sit for and pass a practice exam with the school before they will graduate me and I’m eligible to sit for the state exam. I’m going to take it next week.

Theo the cat has been doing well and is practically settled in now. He runs around like a banshee and lies on the bed at night and watches TV with us. Charlie and I took the dogs out to a street party in Decatur last weekend and we had a great time! They did, too. All kinds of people were coming up and petting them and complimenting them. They had on their St. Paddy’s day bandanas and were looking the part.


This weekend we’re going to the women’s roller derby with Ellen and her [fairly new] squeeze, Laura. We haven’t done anything with them for a long time but hopefully the weather will be good and we can do a little tailgating before the first bout. None of us have ever been to one of these things so it should be a trip. If you look on the site and go here one of the officials, “Morgue N Donor”, was in one of my motorcycle classes.

I’m just looking forward to being off this weekend and next -although, I can’t remember what it was we had planned for next weekend but maybe that’s a good thing – not having any plans.

One thought on “spring

  1. Glad to hear spring has sprung in your part of the country (we just got 15 cm of snow and under another snowfall warning) and that job wise all is going well. Sounds like your personal life also continues along on a happy note. Your life is sounding perfect! So glad to hear this.


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