new joints

Wow, two posts in one day [feeling forehead, no I’m not running a fever]. I think Charlie and I need to find new joints to go to. The other day we were cruising around with the dogs trying to find a place to sit outside to eat and drink with the dogs. Several restaurants around Atlanta forbid dogs on their patios, however, some do. (It doesn’t really make sense, either, one could forbid but two doors down they allow them.) The ones who do are few and far between – and, across town. There was one place that just opened we stopped to try and was informed by one of the waiters that a server had been bitten by a dog, therefore, they weren’t allowed anymore on the patio. Granted, a fair excuse but they shouldn’t penalize all dogs.We went on to the hole-in-the-wall Mexican place we used to frequent. The place they allow dogs is outside the fence – practically in the parking lot with the late afternoon sun burning down on you like you’re in the Sahara dessert. I don’t care if it’s 40 degrees outside if you sit there you’ll be blinded and wish you were sitting by a pool.

We finally walked over to UJoint and as we were searching around for a table my eyes landed on Lee. I didn’t see who she was sitting with – for all I know she could have been there with Nancy all I noticed was that she had really long hair that was partially grey (I almost didn’t recognize her and I’m suprised she didn’t notice Sadie) I spun on my heel so fast that I almost tripped off the patio and fell on Charlie standing there with the dogs. Her eyes got big and she said, “What?”

I just pointed and mouthed we have to go shaking my head back and forth. As we headed to the car she asked, “Who was in there?” and I told her Lee. Then she almost spun on her heel and went back in to see who she was.

“Go ahead, she won’t know who you are.”

“No, that’s ok. I just can’t believe she was there. But, why don’t you want to go in?”

“Because I don’t want to talk to her and even if she did get up and come over and talk it would be something like, ‘Hey, good to see you we should have a drink sometime.”

“And, I would be forced to tell the truth in saying, ‘No we shouldn’t have a drink sometime, crazy, now leave me alone. Or I would just ignore her hoping she wouldn’t come over and that would make her angry and I’d get some nasty text from her like, ‘I saw you and you didn’t even say hi…’ and then the endless texts would start up and I’d have to finally change my phone number.”

“Oh, well do you want to go to Twains? I think they allow dogs.”

I hooked her arm and said, “That’s a wonderful idea, dear.”

But even so – the last two times we went to UJ hasn’t been good. We really need to find new joints.


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