happy easter


Cheers to your Easter! This was me yesterday after finishing the Sweetwater 420 race in Centennial Park. Yes, a beer at 10 a.m. in the morning after running a 5k is kind of a trip. (I’d felt like I had partaked in something else the rest of the day as I was very mellow) This was the first race I’ve done since last year’s Peachtree race the 4th of July. Despite it being flat it was a little difficult. I wasn’t really happy with my 34:10 time, either. But, all I can do is go up, right? I placed 28th out of 70 in my age division. (I’m not sure I’m really happy about that, either – what does that mean everyone else in my age division is crippled and old?)

Poor Charlie shivered out in the rain and cold watching me run. After parking and walking up to the start some guy was pulling out of this parking place really fast and nearly ran us both over. I screamed at him “HOLD ON! DON’T YOU F-ING LOOK?” I swear if he had run my fiance’ over I would have dragged him out of the car. So, I was a bit pumped up already before the race started.

Afterwards, we ran home and then over to meet a guy who was going to buy the bike racks that we took off the camper. We met him and then did the dreaded Sears run. We had to buy a new washer and dryer (especially, since I just bought new bras) that day as there’s really not a whole lot of time in my and Charlie’s schedules to do stuff like this together. Because of both our work schedules we only have Saturdays off – that is, when I’m not teaching. So, we got the washer/dryer – nothing too fancy – the standard Kenmore replacements but warranties on both. I was happy with the purchase.

We finished up the day having drinks and dinner at Square Pub – where we found out favorite server, Scott, working. He used to work in the mexican hole-in-the-wall we used to frequent (and, Ashley wouldn’t tell us where he went because she didn’t know. Scott verified because he said he had told her to F-off and walked out and quit one day – restaurant drama).

Today, I have the day off and I have no idea what to do with myself – except the dogs are looking at me like a nice walk would be nice.


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