I recently succumbed and joined the health club across the street in the [large banking corporate headquarters building]. This place is definitely a health club not a gym. It has carpeted floors, a lounge in the lockeroom, wooden lockers (and, for an extra fee they will take your sweaty clothes out, wash them and fold them up nicely and put them back in your locker), private showers with dressing rooms attached and flat screen TV’s on about every wall. It’s such a contrast to the sad little Army gym I used during my old job. No more sweaty soldiers grunting out their barbell presses, no more running into BAB and him telling me that I really should up my weights and do Spartacus with him in the morning.

I can’t even stand to be around you at work let alone do Spartacus with you. [Although, I did do Spartacus with him back when we were speaking and it was the only time he shut up.] I decided when a staph infection ran rampant through the gym and they closed it for a week that I was never going back. I would run in the meadow and brave the rattle snakes before I risked a staph infection. (I had 7 staff infections growing up and it’s a miracle I didn’t die.)

One of the perks for the health club is that they have classes during the afternoon around lunch. I frequently do the afternoon spin class. Yesterday, I think I overdid it, though. I woke up that morning feeling kind of blah. I felt fine before lunch and went over there for class. There were only three of us in the class yesterday. When the instructor was giving out commands like, “Ok, we’re going to do some hills, turn it up – 1,2,3,4 – UP – 1,2,3,4 – DOWN.” Meaning rise off the seat, sit down, and so on. I was getting a really good leg workout. I happened to look over at the woman beside me and she was sitting down, casually pedaling like she was out for a Sunday afternoon ride through the country. The next sequence we had to go between hovering over the seat, letting our legs do the work and standing up with even more resistance. I was starting to drip sweat. I looked over at the woman beside me again and she was still casually pedaling only this time eating a powerbar. Later, we went through an intensive hill climb and switching between hovering, standing and sitting and again looking over the woman was now slumped over the bars still casually pedaling.


Afterwards, I felt sick after drinking an entire bottle of water. I showered and went back to my office but didn’t eat anything because I still felt sick. I bought a fizzy orange flavored water and a Zero vitamin C water with electrolytes – I didn’t want to come down with anything before the trip. Ok, both the vitamin water and orange fizzy thing tasted like sh*t and I couldn’t finish either of them. I should have just stuck to orange juice but I didn’t think my stomach could take the acid. I went home that night and crashed after attempting soup. This morning I feel find – thank Goddess, because I don’t have time to be sick. I have to run to the grocery to get ingredients to make the cold salads we want to take on vacation. There’s packing and prepping and then, finally, we’re heading out – it can’t get here sooner.



One thought on “spinning

  1. First, that health club seems awesome!! The YMCA I go to is probably a mix of health club and gym, but they don’t do your laundry for you. Dang.

    I’m sure you just over did it, I feel that way after a really hard class sometimes. I’m thinking about getting a pre workout supplement. My sculpt class is at 4PM, I leave right from work at 3PM to get there on time and get my spot. But, its in that afternoon slump/crash of the day.


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