old and righteous-SLY

Gosh, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? There is so much catching up to do, I know. I’ve been wanting to update for a while now but I’ve just been so busy. I guess that’s the trade off with finding a new job – no time for writing or creativity, which, isn’t necessarily a good thing.

I will go back to mid-May – Charlie and I went to a Tegan and Sara concert at the Buckhead Theatre. (The last time I was there it was The Roxie) We got there early and had sushi down the way and left the car there and walked to the theatre. It was a decent mix of people – not all lesbians, but a mix of young hipsters of both sexes. We grabbed some beers and sat down and watched the crowd. One of the opening bands wasn’t really capturing the crowd so we stayed out in the lobby until another band came on – who we originally thought was Tegan and Sara but turned out to be Lucius – who were really good. They started out with this number:

I loved how the lead singers were sandwiched between two guys playing drums. We watched all of their show and then when they broke to set up for Tegan and Sara we went out to the lobby and had our pictures taken with them. By this time we’d lost interest and sat out in the lobby for some time. We did go in briefly to see the main show but didn’t see all of it. It seems every time I go to a show I always like the opener better than the main show, which, brings me to the next concert we went to – Lucinda Williams at the Variety playhouse. I always love seeing shows at this venue because it’s in Little 5 points and surrounded by bars and restaurants. Plus, I always like a general admission show. We got there early and secured some seats in the back – which, would have been perfect had the old man 5 rows in front of us hadn’t stood up during the whole show. I mean, this is Lucinda-61-year-old-Williams not a friggin’ KISS concert (although, I’m sure the crowd for KISS would have been just as old)! It was a weird mix of people – like a Michigan Womyn’s festival bus collided with the nursing home van.


The Kenneth Brian Band was the opener – and, again, I enjoyed them a lot – they got down. Here’s a little taste of one of their songs:

By the time Lucinda went on (at least it was early because we were all old and had a bedtime) it was packed in there and ALLLLL the old people in front of us stood up with their walkers. I was a bit frustrated by it – I mean, if you want to stand up then go up to the front and stand in the crowd of people not back where the theatre seating is. Then, there was some fat guy behind us that kept shouting, “HEP!” from time to time. I turned around and glared at him. Before the show he had gone on and on and on about how he’d seen every Lucinda show possible and that his whole family was Lucinda fans.

Ok, so you’re Lucinda certified, what-the-F-ever, I thought.

Despite the stupid people standing in front of us the whole show (which, I later threw ice at) it was a good show. Although, I was a bit disappointed by her last song, Righteously. It didn’t have style in the sound as some of her previous recordings – it was like she was spitting out the words like bullets (yes, it’s late and get back to the nursing home so I need to get this tune done)

Youdon’thavetoproveyourmanhoodtome –






Whyyouwannadismeafterthewayoubinkissin –


All in all I give the show 7 out of 10 – so call me a critic of old music and people. We were supposed to meet up with another couple before the show but we couldn’t agree on a time and place so Charlie and I just bagged it and went out on our own – which, we tend to do a lot. I’ve decided that our straight friends and out of town gay friends are the most reliable and easiest to hang with. The local gays mostly are lame, although, we did get Ellen over to the house for pizza last night. Ellen is a lot more accessible now that she has a new gf that has her own home south of town. We’re going to be doing an obstacle course race on Saturday together and we needed to plan our outfits.





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