world cup ankle therapy

My ankle is still bothering me from the Jailbreak. I’m supposed to do a beer festival race on Saturday and I don’t think I’m going to be able to do it – unless, I hang back with Ellen, which, would be to her joy to have company.

I just hate to waste the entry fee and the T-shirt, y’all! (Not to mention the beer afterwards…)

I’m just really bummed out that my ankle is like this at the time of a busy race season – one that I had planned on BEING busy doing. I’d planned out my schedule throughout the summer, too. To top it off, the fancy health club I’d just jointed in April is now renovating over the summer and won’t re-open until August. They have relocated a partial facility on the 30th floor of but it’s nothing like the normal club. Unless I go up there and cycle by August I’m going to weigh 300 pounds!

This is how I feel when my athleticism gets cut off.

(I won’t even mention the Peachtree Road race, which, I signed up for. That’s too depressing to even contemplate.)

Speaking of athleticism, is anyone watching the FIFA World Cup? I managed to catch the end of a match yesterday after I got off from work. Tonight US plays Ghana (and I’m not even going to air my true feelings about that) and I really want to go see them play (no, I do not have $$$ to have ESPN in the house). I know Charlie is going to think I’ve lost my mind during this time. The last world cup I completely got hooked – I happened to be unemployed at the time – I say this lightly because at the time I was running my own landscaping company and teaching classes and between the two I felt like the It’s-time-to-make-the-donuts guy. I was scheduling all my installations and mall watering schedule around the world cup.

“What time will you be here tomorrow to plant?” [the 12 trees, 25 shrubs and 25 flats of flowers].

Planning to be sitting at the bar by the 3:00 game, “I don’t know but I’ll done by 2:30.” 

At the time I was taking care of all [125 pots] of the plants at the mall [plus, three huge palms] and my typical schedule was finishing right around the time the games were starting and staking out a stool at the bar of the fancy steak house inside the mall. My typical fare was a filet, medium with a chopped salad and 420’s -and keep ‘em coming. The bartender would see me coming with my bright orange company work shirt on and would already be pouring me a 420.

Despite it being a very stressful time in my life there were times – like during the world cup – that were amazing. I say to people that the last world cup was the best reason for being unemployed because I could control my own schedule.

Now if only the re-located, temporary location health club would have soccer on in the afternoons when I’m on the bicycle trying to keep the 300 pounds off……



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