F the shirt

This is day two of this workout/meal plan. Although, I’ve mixed it up a bit with 40 minutes of bicycle prior to hitting the weights. If I don’t see results from this then I’m going to move to a third world country and eat rice. (At least it will be brown rice).

I have no problem eating right and working out – really, I don’t. My biggest problem is cutting out alcohol which, I know in order for this plan to be successful I will need to cut back. I don’t picture myself cutting it out all the way – that’s an unrealistic goal but perhaps to the point where I plan out specific days I can have a drink – like, when we go out and see a concert or out to see soccer. (Like on Sunday)

At least it’s a start. I have to start somewhere in order to do it. The last time I did this plan I went from a size 10 to a 4. I can’t imagine getting into a 4 again but it would be nice to have my size 31 jeans fit again and be able to button my cowboy shirts. Yes, it’s time. It would be a lot easier if the gym wasn’t relocated to the 30th floor of the bank building and not having to change in the bathroom and take a whore’s bath in the sink before going back to work.

“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty…” Quote by Theodore Roosevelt who my cat is named after.

Speaking of workouts, I was on my way to work the other day and passed by where I used to meet up for Bootcamp. I happened to look over and see some people with the signature black instructor shirts surrounding Jo-Jo. The pang I felt just then was wishing I could run like that again. (My 5k time was screaming when I was instructing) But, I don’t miss being constantly berated by Jo-Jo during the time I was one of her instructors (Yes, running her camp for free). Those of you who read my older blog may remember reading about her and Bootcamp. There were times when they would have a special dress up camp and all the instructors would dress up of some theme. I would show up to camp and everyone would be in camo – for our “Guts and Guns” workout – except for me. When I’d ask her about it she would say, “Didn’t you get the email?” I knew that b*tch had my email she was just singling me out. I have my theories of why shedid that but it’s really not worth going into anymore. She can have her stupid bootcamp. I’ll just do my own.

I don’t need that shit the shirt.


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