4th prep

The past two weekends were spent getting home furnishings or home furnishings ready for company this Thursday. As you recall, last weekend we were tied up in with the new bed. This weekend, we got new patio furniture (in our eyes carport furniture), I hooked up a new Roku in the living room and also a used receiver and cd player in the kitchen. Now we have continuous music both inside and out instead of, “Honey, would you go change the cd?” Even though I got a splitter for the iPod to hook into the receiver the sound quality bites is not the best.  I may have to figure out another way to connect to the receiver to get a better sound (any tech geeks out there?). I was just proud that I managed to hook up the receiver, speakers and cd player and that it actually worked.

Next, we need a TV in the carport (which is our new living room) to watch football in the Fall (– also a digital antenna in the attic with all 15 4 TV’s hooked to it….) I admit I’m becoming an electronic whore junky.  I was telling my sister this morning that if I could get a quick release TV bracket for both the carport and my office I could switch it back and forth (are you reading this, Charlie?). Charlie did such a wonderful job of installing the bracket in the kitchen for the new smart TV I got last weekend, too. My sister said that I was starting to sound like one of her male friends who has TV’s and surround sound in every room.

Along with all that, we ordered our wedding rings this weekend (after we went to the very expensive local store to try on and after convincing her that the more expensive rings would take away from the Harley fund she was convinced that the ones we ordered where just right for the $$).  I also got an early birthday present  – a new HP laptop. It’s very nice! My mac is almost 15 years old and any day now I know I’m going to get the dreaded blue screen (that reminds me that I need to go to office depot and get a few jump drives to transfer files). This morning I wanted to just stay home and transfer files play with it.

There are many more trips to the grocery to get ready for company coming in on Thursday – Charlie’s younger son and her best friend and the party on Friday. Which, at first seemed like it was going to be a bust like New Year’s Eve was but as time wore on people finally started RSVP-ing (after I threatened emailed them twice to RSVP – what is with people not RSVP-ing?). But, who knows how many we’ll have. Charlie and I just approached this one as a, “We’ll be here and it won’t stop our good time.”

What’s your plans for the 4th?


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