the 4th aftermath

4th (Sadie: “Just take the d@mn picture.” Bailey: “I wonder if they have any corn chips left.”)

Well, we made it through the 4th with a good time had by all. Charlie’s youngest son and best friend rolled into town very early (3:30 a.m.) Thursday morning. That day after getting up around noon we all piled in the car and went down to Little 5 points to do some shopping. Of course, Bernice (bff) went wild when she saw all the hipster stores. (Like some people I know 😉 That night we all went out and shot pool and had dinner. Charlie’s son, Bray, seemed to have a great time. Since his birthday is in August we had decided to go ahead and celebrate it while he was here with a cake and presents.

Our 4th party had a decent turnout and the moonshine shots we did at Roberts house fireworks down at the lake were great! Saturday, we laid around most of the day and then went out to Edie’s that night for a show. By Sunday everyone was sad that they had to leave but they promised to be back – hopefully, sometime in August. I felt like I should have taken Monday off from work just to recoop it had been such a great weekend! And, I could have kicked myself for just not taking the whole d@mn week off but – I’m taking off next Friday and Charlie and I are loading up the dogs and taking the camper up to Tennessee for the weekend. Lucius is playing a free outdoor concert downtown Chattanooga and we’re planning on hitting that. It will be nice to get out of town again before September hits and we’re so busy with Labor Day weekend and then New York.

I moved into a new cube at work yesterday. Let’s just say that the view is a lot nicer here – one of Midtown.


I had requested a while ago that I be allowed to move into a cube that was recently vacated by a very loud woman who had moved on to another job only after being here less than a month. Loud woman had a very nice view and after vacating, that side of the office got a lot quieter –more so than the side I was on. Plus, there had been some bitchy woman behind me personality conflicts where I used to be and I just as soon removed myself from the drama it. I’ve learned to sniff out drama a mile away and steer clear. Like my friend said the other day, “You have a grown-up’s job, finally.” Meaning, I run my own projects, set my own meetings and schedule and don’t really have to report to anyone unless someone’s not doing their job I need something escalated or one of my projects has gone to hell needs help. My new boss has made it abundantly clear not to bother him unless something’s on fire so I intend to do that. Granted, I have to be selective on whom I ask questions – but, I’m good at finding out information and how to ask in a way that it’s not annoying. Like, “You ready for football season? How do you think the Falcons will do this year? BTW – when are feasibility studies usually done?”

Everything goes down better around here with football in the mix, I’ve found. Especially, since we can see the Georgia Dome from the office window. Well, not my window but other [loud, drama] side. I’m ok with that! Speaking of football season – I really do need to get on that TV in the carport and be ready…..I’ve found that I’ve become OBESSED with electronics and TV’s ever since we put up that smart TV and hooked up a receiver and cd changer in the kitchen. Now we have either continuous music or TV while we’re cooking.

Speaking of kitchens – I’m wanting to start canning some salsa tomorrow. The garden is exploding with yellow, orange and red tomatoes, sweet peppers and jalapenos. I have to get going on that.

What’s some of the summer projects that you’re working on?



One thought on “the 4th aftermath

  1. Haha! Little 4 Points! I know someone who loves all the little hipster shops too. 🙂 Hope Y’all had a great 4th! Can’t wait to see you both sometime soon. xoxo


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