tequila chex mix friday

I had a wonderful day off with the dogs yesterday. I played around with my new laptop, read, did dishes, scooped the litter box and took the dogs for a walk around the lake. It was very productive. I can get all kinds of things done when I don’t go to work – as y’all can relate.

Last night Charlie and I went out to dinner with some friends we hadn’t seen since she originally moved here two years ago. We went to Mezcalito’s Cocina & Tequila bar that and it was great! The space alone is really cool less the screaming children running through it I have decided that it’s one of my favorite Mexican cantinas less kids. We were supposed to ride motorcycles down there but it started raining right before we were to leave so we bagged it and took the truck.

This brought me to the idea of regularly trying to schedule dinners with people we haven’t seen in a while. I also started a meetup for women to ride their motorcycles to dinner. The first one is August 7th. I wonder if anyone will show up. Has anyone out there ever started a MeetUp?

In other news, I’ve been a little obsessive about doing modifications to the motorcycle. Nothing big, like having to take off a tire or anything -but just little things. I ordered some different handlebars and handgrips that I can’t wait to install. I want some new taillight bulbs and lenses and mirrors. I’m trying to get all the accessories in black instead of chrome. Less stuff to polish and it gives it a more customized look. I even went as far as developing a spreadsheet that has all the modifications I want to do listed with links to the product pages. (Charlie thinks I’m a bit looney over this) but, at least when I win the lottery I’m ready to purchase one of these mods I can go directly to the site. When I start doing this I will show before and after pictures. (which, I’m sure that those of you posting dresses on your sites will be really interested to see 😉






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