monday snippets

Thought snippets of the day (you can tell it’s a Monday):

Ok, what drug got to you?

If I see one more picture of you and such-n-such…..

Dude, what do you do except be on FB all day? Oh, that’s right – you don’t work and –

-how do you pay the bills? Must be wich.

I don’t want to work today

I hate this salad

I want a hamburger or –

Potato chips

I can’t wait until Wednesday is over

What’s Charlie doing?

When will she be home from work today?

I can’t stand that b*tch she works with that stapled that poor kittens leg without pain med. Poor thing.

How would she like it if I stapled her leg, huh?

Some people just shouldn’t be vets and –

What about this poor guy!? Being hit by an airplane while he’s walking on the beach on his wedding anniversary! What the heck is wrong with that pilot? -planes should have horns!

Dude, I’m sorry but I don’t want to see that. Really. Just write something that I’ll read. Please. Write. Something.

Another dress? I don’t get it.

Potato chips and maybe a Ginger tea – I needaginger-tea.

I’m glad I didn’t’ subscribe to your feed because my whole FB page would be all updates from you and I DON’T CARE……churchy

I’m going for chips.



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