Today is my birthday and I’m writing you this post on my new laptop that Charlie gave me as one of my gifts (along with the leather saddlebags). I have already been on a long walk with the dogs, had brunch with Ellen and went to the Growler store to buy beer.

Ellen and I also cut through Cooks Warehouse on the way to breakfast but we didn’t buy anything – neither of us wanted to take on the second mortgage that it would require to buy anything from that store. This lady tried to get us interested in a coffee maker that was more than my car – it was quite amusing. At brunch we looked at their catalogue on cooking classes. I guess if you take their knife skills class you can volunteer for any of their other cooking classes which would be a deal as they run anywhere from $50 on up.

I hadn’t seen Ellen since the 4th of July party and it was good to catch up. She, unfortunately had just gotten back from going home for her step father’s funeral so we discussed that in length. It was a very rough time – as all passings are – for her. We talked about churchy quite a bit. I hadn’t dared bring her and their relationship up as I know that when Ellen is ready to talk about it then she will. Anything before that she plays the evasive card that makes you feel like a prying mother-in-law.

I won’t air it further here but my ideas on the matter were spot on. I’ll shut up now.

Tomorrow, Charlie is off and we plan on spending the day together and doing martinis and jazz at Fernbank and taking in the IMAX movie on sharks that evening. Saturday the same plus we’re meeting some friends at the local brewery for a tasting. It should be a fun weekend. I am very stoked about it and know that I will dread going back to work on Monday with the next day off being all the way until Labor day weekend. I’ll shut up about that, too.

Charlie’s taking me to a nice restaurant tonight – one of my favorites – Agave in Cabbagetown. I cannot wait to have one of their signature margaritas.

One of the things I bought for myself – a low sissy bar backrest for the Triumph won’t fit with my current saddlebags without some sort of fabrication. So, you won’t be subjected to anymore motorcycle porn for awhile [Maria] I’m sad to say. I will have to put the bike in the shop and have them do it and it may take a while – plus, $$. I’m not going to do that right now as its prime riding season and it would be a waste to have it sitting in a shop for three weeks until they get around to it. It will have to be a winter job when it’s too nasty to ride and I have $$. Plus, Bernice and Ralphie are coming up next week from Florida to visit and bringing their bikes so we’re all going to ride.

The only thing that feels a year older is my ankle but I’m finally able to run on it a bit – not far but progress all the same.




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