in the middle of the night

I drove into work yesterday with the windows down jamming to Kesha and Katy Perry. It was a miracle. I did bootcamp after work the day before and then again at 5:30 the morning. It was like I was just there. One thing about working out that early is that before you even wake up ½ the workout is over. It’s like, Wow my [substitute body part here] is/are hurting I must be awake now.

I’m was determined to do the 5:30 a.m. session again today but there was just no way. Charlie and I had our first Meetup last night for the motorcycle mamma’s ride out to eat. We had two new members show and the four of us ate and talked about riding. Of the four of us – the two who showed had years of experience riding and many miles more than the two of us put together. While we were there it rained and then stopped. We thought we could make it home before it hit again. Charlie and I managed to make it home just a little damp but there was a storm moving in and it was starting to get windy. I could feel her tense up on the seat behind me. I took it slow around the curves and we pulled up into the carport before it really started to pour.

Bernice was on her way to town and she had texted earlier that she and Ralphie were on their way but would get in late. We settled in to watch True Blood and both fell asleep before it was over. I turned it off, let the dogs out one more time, turned off the lights and – was wide awake. Charlie got up, we to the bathroom, laid down, got a text from Bernice and then she was wide awake. She finally got up and went out to the kitchen and then I padded out there to join her and cancel my 5:30 a.m. class. I couldn’t imagine doing a class on two hours of sleep. They rolled in around 1:00 a.m. backing the truck and trailer with Bernice’s Harley on it into the driveway. We hugged, talked in the driveway – I’m sure the neighbors heard us – and went in the house and sat at the bar and talked until almost 2. We’re getting ready for the party. I cannot wait to have a cocktail after work today – did I tell you that I have abstained from alcohol all week? Yes, and it’s been a bi-otch! But, I’m determined to lose this gut before we go to New York. I will try not to blow it out too much this weekend.

I tried to upload a pic of the next moleskine drawing but it wouldn’t let me so I’ll try later. I’ve learned to not get into the weeds too much with the drawings. Just lightly sketch in pencil what elements I want to draw and then ink it later on. The ink brings out the shadows and gives it depth – well, what little depth I can achieve with having issues with perspective. I have a really hard time keeping my drawings from looking like they’re on one plane – like one dimensional.

Next weekend, we have more houseguests -these are #2,3, 7 & 8 houseguests who are almost as bad as my parents (the Clampetts) if they decided to come to Atlanta. It’s already starting, too.

“Hon, Cathy wants to know how to get to the airport.”

“Tell her she can’t come unless she has a smartphone.”



2 thoughts on “in the middle of the night

  1. You are so…cheery…..about having house guests. I admit to being a grumpy hostess. I truly am happiest when it’s just my wife, my daughter, my dog and me.


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