labor day and lists

I think it’s probably going to rain Labor Day weekend here -which means that we probably won’t take the camper out for the weekend. I already checked the 10-day forecast and it said 80% Friday the day we’re to leave. I don’t know what it is about that holiday weekend that it always seems to rain but there it is. Charlie and I both agreed if it was 50% and over in the forecast that weekend we were bagging it.

Too bad we can’t just move next weekend to this weekend. Because it’s 0% this weekend – of course it is.

I have absolutely zilch ideas of what to write about. Well, I’m kind of saving a few things for the middle of September to write about. So for now I will post a list I’ve been working on.

#1 – I like to read books on my phone and just the thought of carrying around a book is daunting. As if I don’t have enough stuff to carry around all the time. I tried the Kindle thing and even that was one more thing I had to carry. Plus, if I read on my phone it makes me look busy. [Insert since the last time I wrote this: I traded in my Kindle for an iPad and I like it so much better! But, I still read occasionally on my phone]

#2 – I’m a bit obsessed with coffee makers – especially, since we just bought one. It has its own filter and a hot water dispenser on the side. The automatic timer is a must and it must have a comforting screen that emits light at night giving the impression of, “I’ve got this. Go to bed. I’ll be ready in the morning.” [Although, Charlie has forbidden me to touch it. [Insert since I last wrote this – all coffee makers are sh*t no matter how much you pay for them]

#3 – I have a hard time going out to see a movie in a theater -especially, since it’s $10 per person. I’d much rather watch a movie in the privacy of my own home and at my leisure. If Charlie and I do go out to a move it has to be at this certain theatre in Midtown that serves beer and wine.

#4 – Gourmet hamburgers. Why? Atlanta has all these gourmet hamburger places popping up all over town. Why do we have to go to a gourmet burger place to put special things on a bun? Personally, I think all these places are going to go out of business when people start trending on some other food item.

#5- While we’re on food – nachos. I love them. I could probably eat them every day. They have to have queso not just the sprinkled on cheese that gets hard after it’s melted. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find decent nachos in this city.

#6- My new job I go to a lot of meetings and aside from coffee in morning meetings I think it looks unprofessional when people carry large jugs of water, fruit and other food/drink items around to meetings and sit there guzzling and chomping down on something. You can’t wait 30 minutes to eat or drink?

#7 – Sometimes I don’t know if it’s better or worse to get that little cloud on your iPhone to alert you when someone is texting you back because it makes you stare at it waiting for the reply. It’s a huge waste of time if you ask me.

#8 – I think photo challenges are boring. That’s just me – I thrive on reading great posts or dialogue and the occasional inspirational photo or one that relates to the post but photo challenges , journeys, etc.…..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

#9 – best blogger awards – really? We’re still doing that?

# 10- I love when the weather changes and I get to wear topsiders with no socks and flip flops. I hate wearing socks past May. [Insert since I last wrote this: I’m ready to wear socks with my shoes and long sleeved shirts and turn the air conditioning off]

# 11-Vintage iPods – I found mine the other day – or should I say, Charlie found it and it has all my old trance music. I’ve been listening to it every day since. [Insert since I wrote this: I remember why I didn’t listen to it every day was because the battery would frequently die and it was hard to select tracks because of that track wheel sticking]

#12 – Sex in the City, Queer as Folk and the L Word – will never get old in my book.

#13 – I don’t believe in this superstitious date. I think bad things can happen on any day of the month.

#14 – Fantasy football made me a better project manager because of reviewing stats and performances. It also made me more of a football fan.

#15 – I love grits and I wasn’t even born in the south. Some people think only southerners eat grits but us Midwesterners eat them, too.

What are your list of items? I’m already composing a list of New Years Resolutions. One being I will resist writing a winky-face FOREVER.






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