abs n planz

I went into the kitchen this morning topless and said, “Look at this.” to Charlie.

She said, “What?”

Ok, when your fiancé comes in topless and says, “Look at this.” You’re supposed to say, “Oh my Gawd, fantastic!” No matter what you think they’re trying to say.

“I know it’s hard to get past all the fat but try to have an imagination here – this!”

Pointing to the slight indentions in my abductors – specifically, abdominal oblique’s.

“Oh, yeah, that’s great, honey. I told you that your stomach has gone down.”

Yeah, I don’t look like I’m 5 months along anymore……

I’m on my third week of bootcamp and starting to notice that I can feel my abs, legs, @ss and back more. Yesterday was strength training, my favorite. We always run – before the workouts and after the workouts. I’m still not up to speed on my running but I did come in right behind the skinny chick the other day. I think a few more weeks of this and I will be passing the skinny chick. I’m pretty stoked about the progress but I’m still hoping for more.

Charlie and I have been eating a lot of fish and veggies this week but I have to admit I’ve been craving pizza and I don’t know why. If I’m going to crave something it would be nachos or lo mein noodles. Wait, I crave all of those, too.

I cancelled the campsite reservation for next week. I just don’t want to be stuck out in the rain all weekend and Saturday it’s 60%. Charlie is going to go in to work that Friday and I may just go to a late morning bootcamp and hang out or – perhaps not take the day off and telework. That is, if that HR woman on the 23rd floor can process my papers before then. (I’m not holding my breath). I’m just looking forward to being off both this weekend and next. Charlie and I need some time together – especially, before New York which is coming up right around the corner.

What are your big weekend plans?





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