the weekend


This was a gift from Charlie this past weekend that I thought was hilarious! I haven’t decided just yet what I’m going to use it for unless to carry change in. Right now it sits on my desk where it gives me a laugh from time to time.

I started the holiday weekend early on Friday by going to bootcamp that morning and then just kicking back the rest of the day. We had decided to bag the camping trip in case of rain and stay home. It ended up not raining but it was way less stress not having to get everything ready to go and beat the traffic out of town. We stayed in and ran around town, did errands, cooked, drank, visited with friends (those who wanted to hang out) and rode the motorcycle a bit. It was fun and I was really sorry for it to end.

Saturday, we went to a housewarming party. The ladies throwing the party are a couple that Alana and her partner, Meagan, are friends with. If you remember way back I mentioned them. Mostly what I mentioned is never getting invited out by these girls and them always doing things with Alana and Meagan. Well, now – we’ll call them Trisha and Kerry – have moved to the neighborhood where Charlie and I reside and decided to grace us with their presence by inviting us to a party they were having – because, of course, we’re practically neighbors now unlike Alana and Meagan  – who are about to move to Boise, Idaho in a few weeks. We’re invited to another party – a going away party for them again at Trisha and Kerry’s house in a few weeks. It’s always been a mystery to me why I have intermittently been invited to their parties from time to time but not every time and never actually out with them to watch a game, have drinks, dinner or anything social outside of having a party in their home.

Anyway, the party was good – I didn’t drink because we rode the bike over and I thought it would be good to be nice and sober in front of these ladies in case they might have a desire to invite us again somewhere (not that they arn’t huge lushes don’t drink themselves). At first, I was going to pass on the going away party for Alana and Meagan – because really I don’t care – bye, have a good life in bum-f!ck Boise but, you know? Maybe it is good to put in as much as of an appearance as possible so the invites will continue. Many of the group I knew there hadn’t met Charlie. As I introduced her around as my fiance Steph piped up, “Did you know Alana and Meagan just got married?”

Leave it to them to upstage me with their rings even though Charlie and I have had the date on the calendar for over a year – unlike them. I replied, “Yes, we’re going to New York in a few weeks to get married, too.”

As we got on the bike to leave Charlie said, “I had fun! They are so nice! How come we haven’t done anything with them before?”

“I don’t know. Maybe I haven’t been with the right girl until now.”

Speaking of invites – I had messaged both Ellen and Cindi earlier on that day about going to the book festival and neither of them messaged me until about 8 hours later when we had already gone and were doing something else. Ellen even  said her phone died at the parade and she was just now getting the message – although, I had sent the message hours before the stupid parade. I think she was just lying and wanted to spend time with churchy. Either way – I’m done with both of them for a while. I feel like I always have to beg both of them to do something and I’m sick of it. I ignored both of their messages – because it didnt’ matter by then – and went along with the weekend with Charlie. We had our own fun!

This week, I’m going to go sit in on a lecture from a guy who teaches screenwriting. If I enjoy it then I may just sign up for the next class he’s giving. I barely started working on a new project – in fact, I need more character development but it’s a start nonetheless. Tonight, I draft both of my fantasy football teams – back to back so it will be busy.







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