the past, the future

We’re getting so close to going to New York that Charlie and I are literally counting it down the days while her parents are saying, Pray that nothing bad happens before we go.

I understand their concern. Their life has been hell with dealing with her 99 year-old grandmother, getting her settled into a nursing home where she says that aliens come into her room from a little door and has intercourse with her roommate.

Hmm, well that could go either way, Grandma, I would say. Look on the bright side – you’re getting free porn.

They have also been battling a host of medical conditions that come with the territory of age. I hope that we can all have this time in New York to spend time together, have fun and build great memories. Charlie and I have been starving to see her family since the New Years Eve before last.

Right now, we’re trying to decide on what to wear. Some say, be comfortable, others, buy something nice to feel good in.

Me, I’d just like to wear my cowboy boots, a pearl button snap shirt with jeans. This is probably unheard of to get married in. I told Charlie as long as she didn’t show up in a clown suit I was good with whatever she chose to wear.

In case you’re just coming in to the blog and wondering why we’re all going to New York it is to get married – officially. Since it will be the day before hell freezes over when it becomes legal in Georgia.

This is not the first time in my life that marriage has come into the picture. The first was an elaborate plan to go to Hawaii, different fiancé, of course. Years ago when Hawaii first got put on the map for same sex marriages. Everything was bought and paid for and it was on until two months before the date when my fiancé decided that she liked a glass blowing hippie from Seattle better and decided to take her to Hawaii in lieu of myself.

She’s lucky to still be alive to this day.

But, she did me a huge favor in the long run and, most importantly she got dumped by the hippie much later. What comes around goes around I always say. In fact, she had showed up on my doorstep to apologize years later for her actions but I wasn’t home. It was the weekend I so happened to be away seeing Charlie -my future fiancé.

Things have a funny way of coming around, don’t they?

When I got home from my trip with Charlie [you can read all about it here if you have some time] I saw a piece of paper wedged in the door. I disgustingly thought it was Lee stalking my house while I was gone – I was surprised to read the 12-stepish note from the ex who had left me at the alter but I just shrugged and threw it away. (I be exact, I set it on fire with my half smoked cigarette) I had better things to think about. Like cigarettes and her – they are bad habits of the past.

The future is here, right now, with Charlie. My soon to be wife. Who would have thought all those years ago in Key West when we sat on the steps of the jewelry store, almost getting kicked out of Hogs Breath or stopping our bikes to  watch those two girls fight -that we would be together.

Well, I think at the time we both thought about it but never knew until later. Good memories that I hope to continue as her wife.



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