the party

The party went on without a hitch. Charlie’s kids came up from Florida and my friend, Savannah and her husband came down from Indiana. Charlie and I made all the food early Saturday and I went on a beer/liquor run and we were ready for our +/- 20 some guests. The music showed at 5:45 and set up and played and everyone enjoyed them. (no doo-wap, doo-wap). It was a nice, cool night and we got the kids to light a bon fire in the back yard.

It was a nice party all around. I didn’t want it to end, honestly. I hadn’t seen my friend from Indiana in years and two women I did the 3-day walk with showed up it’s been even longer since I saw them. I vowed to not let so much time go by without seeing them. I would even like to volunteer again for either the 2 or 3 day walk. (Maybe not motorcycle crew but something). Ironically, the 3-day walk was the weekend of the party. I had been out buying booze when I saw them walking in all their pink glory. My eyes teared up as I rolled down the window, honked and waved. I remember that time….

K showed up without his wife which was a blessing. He was parked in the kitchen talking to Opie who was holding court. Ellen showed up with her aunt who was in from San Fran in tow. They were almost the last to leave, too. Lisa and ohmygodwecantplaywithoutthedrummer gf showed up. (She doesn’t talk half as fast in person as she did on the phone that time) Naomi (of Mick and Naomi I used to play pool with) came (I suspect Mick had to babysit). Charlie’s co-worker, Kevin and his girlfriend came.

Charlie’s parents were sorry they couldn’t make it and had ordered a huge arrangement from Edible Arrangements which never showed. They called the next day and basically said, “Ooops, sorry we missed the delivery yesterday, can we deliver today?”

We said, Sorry, the reception party was YESTERDAY and, no, we’re not going to eat $150 worth of fruit between the two of us at this time.

What a fiasco. Charlie’s Mom got her money back and the store manager got an earful from both us and her Mom. They delivered a small arrangement the next day – it was the, I’m sorry, I’m an idiot arrangement.

The next day we hiked to the top of Stone Mountain with the kids and then they went home and we relaxed and watched football. One of her sons had installed the wall brackets for both TV’s while he was here so we now are officially rednecks have football in the carport.



We’ve been getting pretty busy this week getting ready for the party on Saturday. We have the grocery list, the menu planned and the music hired. You would not believe how hard it is to nail down music. And,even after explaining several times that crazy wouldn’t play acoustic without the mf-ing drummer no-itwouldntbethesamewithouthedrummerwecantdoitwecant I was finally able to get on an online service that you can put in your information and what you want. For example: SOMEONE TO MF-ING PLAY GUITAR AND SING A LITTLE IS THAT SO HARD?

And, then several people call back saying, Heeeeey man, I got your info from Gareth and he said you were looking for someone, maaaaaan? Like, right-on, right-on!


Suddenly, I felt like I had randomly given out my number to publishers clearing house along with saying I would subscribe to 100 magazines. I ended up hiring a guy who is a music teacher and composer and he’s bringing his wife to sing while he plays guitar. I hope they’re ok. I listened to some of his wife’s samples and she sounded good but she sang an Ella Fitzgerald –It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t got that Swing song and I had to email him and tell him to lose the “do0wap-doowap-doowap” song. I mean, we’re not 100 years old, here.


Anyway, for $200 I can’t complain. I have other things to think about to complete before Saturday. Charlie and I took the day off on Monday because I know we’ll both be exhausted.

My father and stepmother stepped up and sent us a card with a check in it for $100. I about fell over. I’m sure my step mother has been working on my father about this. Maybe she even snuck the check out of the joint account checkbook and sent it to spite him, who knows. I know it’s her writing on the card – as is all the cards I ever receive from them. My sister is still not back from Europe but I haven’t returned the last three of her emails. She has deduced now that she’s going to buy Charlie and I plane tickets to fly up to Indiana so she can have a party at her house and invite the whole family.


If I wanted my entire family at my commitment ceremony and/or reception I would have mf-ing invited them. The last time she threw me a party she had me helping her make all the food and then run around the party filling everyone’s glass up (because all my relatives are too fat and lazy to get their own mf-ing glasses filled). I’m not doing that again. I’ve had several little fits and eruptions since I read that email but one of the reasons I haven’t responded is that if I can’t say anything nice then I just won’t say anything at all. Once I calm down a little about it I will politely say that Charlie and I are fully engaged until, like, the next century and we have no time to fly to Indiana for a party thanks anyway.




I started back to bootcamp this week and hopefully will run uninterrupted for the next month. After doing a body assessment with the coach the other night and almost having a nervous breakdown when I saw my weight I have vowed to really stick with my exercise and diet and make a real effort to lose some weight. I desperately want to fit into all my old cool clothes again. I don’t want middle-aged woman clothes. I refuse to buy any more fat clothes although, shoes don’t count. My regular gym across the street from work is finally re-opening after months of renovation the end of this month so I can supplement the bootcamp workouts with spin classes.

I also bought a couple of Paleo cookbooks and I plan on making meals from those. I was very selective in choosing them as many I have picked up didn’t have enough pictures were just too informative or had chapters and chapters of either information on the diet itself just give me recipes, b*tch or the recipes had a very high difficulty level and just didn’t seem realistic that I would spend days kitchen preparing all the descriptive meal plans. Here’s what I chose:


This one has a ton of egg and salad recipes and look very yummy.


This has several 30-day plans in the back with grocery lists of ingredients so you can just go do all your shopping at once.

Too bad there’s not an alcohol paleo recipe book. I think if someone were to come up with one that included gluten-free beer then they would be a millionaire. I could see it now: The Paleo diet for alcoholics, keep that skinny form, eat off the land and still be a drunk. Alcohol has been the hardest, that’s for sure. I’m trying to cleanse my body of beer yeast and up my metabolism.

I have seen some Paleo slow cooker recipe books that look interesting, too. I might have to add one to my collection. Does anyone recommend any or have a favorite Paleo cookbook?

We have PRIDE this weekend. Finally! When every city in the US and Europe has it during pride month we have to have it in October shoved up against Halloween. People here like it, though. Probably because for years we had it in June it would either be 100 degrees or torrential rain. We’re going down to the park to celebrate probably a little of both days – but, definitely Sunday for the parade. After that it’s party prepping for the following weekend. We have our list of food, pretty much have confirmed the number of guests (despite the ones who never replied yes, no, maybe) and we tried to get music but that all fell through – so, it’s iTunes radio – we’ll suffer, I know.

We tried to hire a friend of ours gf who has a band. (Still not entirely sure what their name was) We’d heard them several times at the brew girls tasting parties. I had called and left her a message about being interested in hiring her band and when she called back she explained in about a bazillion words per second that she had to verify if the whole band was going to be in town that weekend. I tried to get in a –if they’re not all able to make it perhaps just you and a few others can play? But, it was like bullets ricocheting off concrete. I finally conceded to let her wear herself down talking being silent on the other end waiting to speak after she said for the 45th time she’d check. I said, Ok and hung up before she could start again. Honestly, I don’t see how my friend stands her. I couldn’t deal with that. I’d be like an iPhone with memory problems saying data has exceeded the limit.

The next day when she rang back I let it go straight to voicemail. I had no.time. for a thousand words that morning. When I went back to listen to the message of her saying their drummer-was-out-of-town-and-it-really-wouldn’t-be-the-same-without-him-thanks-for-thinking-of-us-anyway – it ran out before she was finished.


Maybe it’s a sign that this shouldn’t have worked out anyway as she may have talked more than she sang and played. I wonder if our friend will bring her to the party. Charlie and I have never met her – I’ve even gone as far to say she’s our friend’s fictitious rock start gf. Although, I have listened to the band in passing on the way for a jalapeno lager refill at the brew party, I have never really taken a notice of which one she is in the band.

We have two weekends in a row of festivities so I’m sure we’re going to be good and worn out by November, which doesn’t seem too far away.



Last week was exhausting.

As you know, right after we got back from NYC I had to work and came down with a huge cold or allergy attack – not sure which it was but I’m still nasally. I went in to work on Monday exhausted. I wanted to call in so bad but I had fifty emails to contend with. By the end of the week I was feeling better and caught up on work. We ended up sending out an evite for our reception party as we had run out of time getting organized to send out invites via snail mail.

The one thing that just frustrates me to no end about Evites is that people don’t reply to them right away – even when they know they’re not going to be able to attend. I find it madening. Even if it’s a maybe, please respond. (There is a maybe option). I purposely didn’t invite my sister to NYC knowing that she would take over – if she did decide to attend. I told her months ago the weekend we were having the reception thinking that would give her an opportunity to participate. (Since, no one else in my family had any desire to).

So, I get an email from her while she’s in Europe (please note that she has enough energy to travel to there for three weeks but not Atlanta for a weekend) saying she wished she could make it. Honestly, I guess this is for the best as she wouldn’t have a good time visiting with my friends and in laws anyway as when she visits she wants to be the only one I pay any attention to and of course her response was I won’t have time to visit with you so I will come another time.

I wrote back, Yes, that’s what parties are about – everyone visiting together and that I was giving her a chance to participate in Charlie and I’s union. But, no matter, come anytime. I’m sure when she has her next seminar in Atlanta……

Again, even though I know this is for the best I was still burned up about it all day Thursday. I decided not to send her the NYC pictures we took while we were there. Just to spite – screw her and the rest of the stupid family. I decided to bag driving up there the week before Thanksgiving that I had planned. Why the hell should I rent a car and go to all the trouble to drive the 8-1/2 hours up there if they’re all just going to be buttholes about everything?

Instead, we’re inviting Charlie’s sons up for the holiday. I’m going to spend time with my new in-laws since they want to be around me and me them. They’re also road tripping it up for the party. We’re not sure about her parents as her father is not doing well and may not be able to travel.

Friday, I had caught up on enough work to slip out and take a long lunch to see Gone Girl. It was fabulous, by the way. When I got out, I turned on my work phone and saw that my boss had emailed me, Come see me.

Shit. I wasn’t going to go back to the office but I had to now.

I drove back, parked in the garage and made the walk to my office. By the time I got up there was almost 30 minutes since the time he emailed me. I poked my head in while he had another PM in there and he said, “You leaving?”

“No, I got your message.”

“Ok, don’t disappear. I’ll come find you.”

Great. Am I going to get my @ss chewed out about something?

I got back to my desk and he rang and said to come on in. I walked back to his office.

“Close the door.”

Omg, I am going to get chewed out.

“Have a seat.”

Or laid off. Does the state lay off people? Did they not approve another Transportation bill?

“I finally got the job worth approved so that gives you a raise of three thousand, four hundred and eight dollars and twelve cents to be exact starting on October first. Congratulations!”

I about fell out of the chair.