Last week was exhausting.

As you know, right after we got back from NYC I had to work and came down with a huge cold or allergy attack – not sure which it was but I’m still nasally. I went in to work on Monday exhausted. I wanted to call in so bad but I had fifty emails to contend with. By the end of the week I was feeling better and caught up on work. We ended up sending out an evite for our reception party as we had run out of time getting organized to send out invites via snail mail.

The one thing that just frustrates me to no end about Evites is that people don’t reply to them right away – even when they know they’re not going to be able to attend. I find it madening. Even if it’s a maybe, please respond. (There is a maybe option). I purposely didn’t invite my sister to NYC knowing that she would take over – if she did decide to attend. I told her months ago the weekend we were having the reception thinking that would give her an opportunity to participate. (Since, no one else in my family had any desire to).

So, I get an email from her while she’s in Europe (please note that she has enough energy to travel to there for three weeks but not Atlanta for a weekend) saying she wished she could make it. Honestly, I guess this is for the best as she wouldn’t have a good time visiting with my friends and in laws anyway as when she visits she wants to be the only one I pay any attention to and of course her response was I won’t have time to visit with you so I will come another time.

I wrote back, Yes, that’s what parties are about – everyone visiting together and that I was giving her a chance to participate in Charlie and I’s union. But, no matter, come anytime. I’m sure when she has her next seminar in Atlanta……

Again, even though I know this is for the best I was still burned up about it all day Thursday. I decided not to send her the NYC pictures we took while we were there. Just to spite – screw her and the rest of the stupid family. I decided to bag driving up there the week before Thanksgiving that I had planned. Why the hell should I rent a car and go to all the trouble to drive the 8-1/2 hours up there if they’re all just going to be buttholes about everything?

Instead, we’re inviting Charlie’s sons up for the holiday. I’m going to spend time with my new in-laws since they want to be around me and me them. They’re also road tripping it up for the party. We’re not sure about her parents as her father is not doing well and may not be able to travel.

Friday, I had caught up on enough work to slip out and take a long lunch to see Gone Girl. It was fabulous, by the way. When I got out, I turned on my work phone and saw that my boss had emailed me, Come see me.

Shit. I wasn’t going to go back to the office but I had to now.

I drove back, parked in the garage and made the walk to my office. By the time I got up there was almost 30 minutes since the time he emailed me. I poked my head in while he had another PM in there and he said, “You leaving?”

“No, I got your message.”

“Ok, don’t disappear. I’ll come find you.”

Great. Am I going to get my @ss chewed out about something?

I got back to my desk and he rang and said to come on in. I walked back to his office.

“Close the door.”

Omg, I am going to get chewed out.

“Have a seat.”

Or laid off. Does the state lay off people? Did they not approve another Transportation bill?

“I finally got the job worth approved so that gives you a raise of three thousand, four hundred and eight dollars and twelve cents to be exact starting on October first. Congratulations!”

I about fell out of the chair.






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