the party

The party went on without a hitch. Charlie’s kids came up from Florida and my friend, Savannah and her husband came down from Indiana. Charlie and I made all the food early Saturday and I went on a beer/liquor run and we were ready for our +/- 20 some guests. The music showed at 5:45 and set up and played and everyone enjoyed them. (no doo-wap, doo-wap). It was a nice, cool night and we got the kids to light a bon fire in the back yard.

It was a nice party all around. I didn’t want it to end, honestly. I hadn’t seen my friend from Indiana in years and two women I did the 3-day walk with showed up it’s been even longer since I saw them. I vowed to not let so much time go by without seeing them. I would even like to volunteer again for either the 2 or 3 day walk. (Maybe not motorcycle crew but something). Ironically, the 3-day walk was the weekend of the party. I had been out buying booze when I saw them walking in all their pink glory. My eyes teared up as I rolled down the window, honked and waved. I remember that time….

K showed up without his wife which was a blessing. He was parked in the kitchen talking to Opie who was holding court. Ellen showed up with her aunt who was in from San Fran in tow. They were almost the last to leave, too. Lisa and ohmygodwecantplaywithoutthedrummer gf showed up. (She doesn’t talk half as fast in person as she did on the phone that time) Naomi (of Mick and Naomi I used to play pool with) came (I suspect Mick had to babysit). Charlie’s co-worker, Kevin and his girlfriend came.

Charlie’s parents were sorry they couldn’t make it and had ordered a huge arrangement from Edible Arrangements which never showed. They called the next day and basically said, “Ooops, sorry we missed the delivery yesterday, can we deliver today?”

We said, Sorry, the reception party was YESTERDAY and, no, we’re not going to eat $150 worth of fruit between the two of us at this time.

What a fiasco. Charlie’s Mom got her money back and the store manager got an earful from both us and her Mom. They delivered a small arrangement the next day – it was the, I’m sorry, I’m an idiot arrangement.

The next day we hiked to the top of Stone Mountain with the kids and then they went home and we relaxed and watched football. One of her sons had installed the wall brackets for both TV’s while he was here so we now are officially rednecks have football in the carport.


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