I promised….

…..myself that I would sit down and write a blog post the first of the week – about what? Who knows – let’s see what we find.

This past weekend, our friends Liz and Lina came into town for an overnighter. We had much catching up to do as we hadn’t seen each other since last New Years Eve. Friday, they got into a little bit of the world of Coca Cola and then went on their very own Walking Dead tour. By the time I met up with them in Little Five points they had many photos and stories to tell (all in such a short time being here, too). We had some beers then took off for the house to meet Charlie and Ellen to go out to one of our favorite Lebanese restaurants, Lawrence’s Cafe’ .

Saturday, Charlie had a working interview in the a.m. and I ran to the Farmers market and picked us up a couple of Quiche’s. We sat in the kitchen eating hash browns, Quiche and drinking coffee until Charlie came home from her interview. She was like, What have y’all been doing?

We said, Nothing just hanging out talking and catching up.

(Liz and Lina gave me some Instagram lessons and how to use hashtags – I’m still kind of behind the times when it comes to that but I’m learning.)

After that, we took the dogs and walked down by the lake (I would put up pics of this but go on over to Liz’s site because I’m sure you will see them there). We decided to take a longer walk through the neighborhood and ended up at the park. Later, we sat on the porch – Charlie and I drinking the Gaelic Ale that they brought us from Asheville. We were sorry to see them leave after that but they had to get back to work and study.

Sunday evening we had a table at Edie’s attic to see Steph Callahan (of Halcyon), Lindsey Hinkle and Sarah Peacock. It was lesbian central a great night of music and I’m glad we went. We’re never disappointed in any music we see in this place.

On another note, three people from my old office got in touch with me last week. Seems my former job is imploding and people and wanting to get out. All I could think was, Ya think? I’m still baffled why people have to wait until things get so dire before they do anything about it. One of my friends got offered the same job I now have at the same time I got offered my job and decided to stay there. I had to bite my tongue at the time to keep from telling her I thought she was making a big mistake. Now, she’s wishing she would have taken it. My office just opened up a bunch of positions – including the one I’m in and that’s why I’ve been hearing a lot from my former work cronies. All I can say is Apply, apply, apply and see what happens.

So, that’s all I’ve got right now – so far so good. What does your week look like?


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