Screenwriter studio meetup #2

I went to another screenwriter meetup last night. I hadn’t been since this time and before I started the job I have now. [Hence, why I haven’t been outside the fruit loop in a while]

This time I had a little more insight on what to expect. Social time between 6:30 and 7 – unlike the first time I was like, Ok, we’re all here. Can we start? And between 7-8 we went over a script that we had all been asked to read before we arrived. I liked that much better than having to do an entire reading while we were all sitting there (like the last time). This time the woman who wrote it sat in front and we went through a structured critique of it. I found I liked the script even more after critiquing it with everyone.

The synopsis was: After waking up in a strange house, pathological liar Hal wants nothing more than to get out but someone from his past won’t let him.

At first reading it, I had to get a sense of wth was going on. I had to read it a couple of times. But, afterwards I felt it had a little twinge of Vanilla Sky.

The woman who wrote the script is actually going to film it soon -it’s been accepted and funded and everything. She’s also the roommate of a coworker of Charlie’s that showed up one Saturday to pick up a futon we were throwing out -funny, strange coincidence at that.

If you read the post about the earlier meetup some of the same characters were there – Nick and Lance but Kip wasn’t which, I was a bit relieved because I’d remembered him slightly annoying me because all he wanted to talk about was this surreal book he was working on that he wanted to turn into a script. The girl with the smiley face tag, Meagan, who I later found is the co-organizer of the group. I sat next to her while she read a huge volume (it was literally 9 x 12 inches) of Fire and Ice complete with pictures. I sort of glanced at it and wondered why she was reading that while we were critiquing this other woman’s script but she offered some great critiques and she had written a heck of a lot more scripts than anyone in the group so who was I to judge. The guy whose script Dinosaurs and Lasers we read last time was there. When I asked him how that was going he said he hadn’t had time to work on it. There was one guy there who had produced some of the things he’d written. He kept challenging the woman whose script we were critiquing to make changes. I thought it was a bit bold of him especially since he wasn’t paying to film or produce it.

After 8 they offered a kind of workshop for beginners on how to get started. Books and software were discussed. (I had already downloaded a free software and started writing something but I have no idea of what I did with it and what it was about). One of the books they discussed I think I already own but hadn’t read. I’m more of a hands-on type of person – I just want to sit down with the software and start writing something instead of reading some book cover to cover on how to set up Act I, II & III even though I know that’s important to have a sense of. Lance, who is another co-organizer of the group and experienced said he had recently attended a class from this famous man on screenwriting that he didn’t really find all that helpful because he said he’d been doing most of the stuff already that the instructor talked about. He said it was great and all for beginners but that if you’d been doing it for a while not so much. I was happy with that because I had been really considering taking that class and now I can save $300.

So, it was all a bit interesting. I really have to find what I started a while back and start putting something together. They have these things twice a month and I don’t see how anyone can get anything done in between two weeks.







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