exercise your right…….to unfriend

It’s national unfriend day on FB but churchy has already beat us to the punch -she unfriended both Charlie and I.

What’s ironic about all this is that just last weekend when Liz and Lina were here we were discussing her. I found it VERY STRANGE that churchy had only met them both briefly at dinner last New Year’s and had friended them both on FB. We had gone out to Brickstore pub before our party in Midtown and Ellen and churchy had joined us. When I asked Ellen about it she said, Oh they had that whole Methodist thing going on. Regardless, I thought religious denomination not enough to friend someone on FB. I had met several of Ellen’s friends at her get-togethers and most some I still haven’t friended even though I know them.

Do you think some people collect friends on FB like some compulsive hoarders keep old  magazines around?

I was like, What did we do? We have been nothing but nice to her and we weren’t even one of the single friends of Ellen’s that she always glared daggers at every time they were around like Cindy and Mary Ann.

FB provides all kinds of weird parallels, too. Ellen had met this woman, MaryAnn, through another musician friend that lives out near Portland, OR. This friend moved here recently and Ellen had been showing her around and helping get her settled in. We thought she was a possible love interest until we met MaryAnn’s [long distance] gf who lives in the other town of Portland, ME. (Unless I’ve gotten this all confused) ANYWAY, despite just moving here MaryAnn seems to know a lot of people -including a friend of one of my ex’s crazy monkey woman.

Shortly after friending MaryAnn on FB I got a friend request from a Yvonne. It had been so long that I had to go to her FB page and look at pics before I remembered who she was.  We had one friend in common, MaryAnn. I texted MaryAnn, How do you know this person? It was explained through various gf’s they had had, met out west and a typical lesbian incestuous circle. I asked her if she knew crazy monkey woman and she didn’t remember the name. I was relieved because I think if I saw CMW again I’d want to punch her in the nose or take a bag of rats over to her house, break in and let them loose. (if you’re curious about the rats you can go to my old blog and read about it here)

ANYWAY, Yvonne was friends with CMW. In fact, while CMW and I were dating I was highly jealous of Yvonne. She was this cool artist, musician type that CMW was always saying to me, She’s truly talented, Lanie, truly talented…..and, she’d do the verbal drift off after that like she was in deep thought. I was thinking that she was thinking about being between her legs is what I thought. They even went on trips together. CMW did a business trip (she was always finagling biz trips around crazy monkeys in other places – there were crazy monkeys everywhere – England, Texas, Chicago, you name it – there was a crazy monkey she had to go get sh*t and cum thrown on her study. So, CMW has to go to Texas to study some monkeys and asked Yvonne to go and photograph them. She even got her on the payroll and a ticket to go and after photography of said monkeys they went fishing together the rest of the week.

We caught so many great fish, Lanie. She’s truly talented…..[the drift]. By that time I was sure they were having an affair. I mean, wouldn’t you?

Yvonne happened to have a gf as well who obviously didn’t mind that she went off with women who always gushed over her talent. But, Yvonne’s gf was constantly glued to her phone. While I wasn’t even allowed to even look at my blackberry when I was in the presence of CMW Yvonne’s gf was constantly on hers. She would even leave the room and go talk while they were in the middle of hosting parties, dinner, playing cards, everything. Who she was talking to no one knew – she was a busy fundraiser working for a non-profit organization. I could not see the two of them together at.all. Again, why I was sure CMW and her were having an affair.

When I asked MaryAnn if they were still together she said no that they had broken up and Yvonne had moved to SC. I asked if she had known her ex that much and she said, Oh I see her from time to time at their gigs (a friend of MaryAnn’s (who, ironically we met at the last motorcycle meetup) plays music with the Yvonne) but she’s always on her phone so I hadn’t had the chance to talk with her. Some things never change.

So, after grilling MaryAnn about her, going to her site and even seeing that she didn’t have CMW on her FB I friended her. I at least have a little more of a friending pre-requisite than churchy.

How about you? Have you exercised your right to unfriend today? Or have you recently friended someone from your past?

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2 thoughts on “exercise your right…….to unfriend

  1. Damn girl, I didn’t realise it was fb unfriend day today. Fortunately everyone on my fb page is a friend and/or relative. I’ll tell you what I’ve done though is I’ve blocked people who I really don’t want finding me or knowing anything about me because they lost those privileges in the past. I’m now tempted to remove 2 of my mother’s friends who I call “the bitches” because they are.


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