Unfriending part II

I realize that last post I didn’t even talk about myself unfriending but I did. I went through my list with a fine tooth comb and if they were on the “acquaintances” list then they got cut. There’s a few more that I would like to cut but I’m going to leave it for now.

I recently added a few people, too. The other night when we were out for the motorcycle meetup we saw some woman wondering around with a Harley Davidson beanie on and just assumed she was there to join the group. We waved her over and she [Katherine] laughed and said that, no, she wasn’t there for the group that she was meeting her realtor but she would join us until she got there. She sat down and later MaryAnn came wandering up and we said, Hey, what are you doing here?

“I’m here to hang out with Katherine after she talks to her realtor.”

So, it turns out that Katherine plays music with Yvonne. In fact, they have a show in December we’re going to.

Yesterday, I was on FB and messaged Yvonne. This was the first since I had accepted her friend request. I told her how it came about that we met both MaryAnn and Katherine and what a small world it was – especially since we used to hang out in an entirely different group. We talked about her breakup with [telephone talky] her ex and I’d said I didn’t know that I’d heard that from MaryAnn. I said, Such a small world looked like our old group kind of imploded. Then, I couldn’t help but ask.

“Hey, you and [CMW] seemed really tight back then. Do y’all keep up?”

“Nope, [CMW] is a bit crazy, sorry if you do still keep up with her she just weirded out on us. Actually, Susan and Jennifer but since we are close friends with them it spilled over to us somehow.”

I had heard from Alana that CMW had gone rogue on the group after Susan and Jen broke up. Why, I have no idea nor care.

“Nope, it ended badly with us and I don’t keep up with her at all. I tried to keep up with everyone else after but it seemed like no one would hang out after we broke up. I asked Jen and Susan, Lori and Lorrain and I know y’all (when you were with Jeanine) several times to no avail. It was a bit frustrating to be honest. But, you know things happen for a reason I guess.”

I just laid it out there how frustrated I was after that time. Practically all of CMW’s friends liked me but would never even consider hanging after the breakup despite her going off on everyone and only remaining friends with Lori – who, I always thought was fake as a Rolex from China. To be honest it was nice being able to say that to one of them after all these years. I think I was more hurt that no one would hang out after that then the breakup itself.

Yvonne replied, “Well that’s too bad, sorry I always pretty much let Jeanine handle the social calendar. I actually hibernated for a good 2 years, barely left the house really. Not a particularly good time. Things much better now though.”

“Well, I’m glad – all that seems behind us now. Maybe you can meet my wife someday soon when you come back to town and play.”

“I would love to meet her! We can get MaryAnn and Katharine and have drinks or something.”

What a weird full circle.

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