I know some of you are getting ready to head out to spend the holiday with family and friends. Some of you may be hosting the holiday dinner and some may just be hanging out – like myself.

Charlie is heading to Florida to surprise her family this Thanksgiving. I got her an early birthday gift of a plane ticket. Her birthday will be Saturday after the holiday. I will be at home hanging with the dogs + persnickety cat who is already requesting turkey giblets and dressing.

I will be heading next door to the neighbors for dinner and also renting them my kitchen for food prep in exchange for food and good conversation. Despite missing Charlie and her family which, is my first choice of company I’m looking forward to the time off. I have no idea what I will do but I have a desire to start a screen play project and some Christmas shopping.

This morning, as the news blared on (yes, I turned it off after you left, Charlie) about the Ferguson riots, the storm front heading in from the northeast that may hinder holiday traveling and other erroneous news items I thought about what Thanksgiving means to me. Contrary to popular belief it’s not about stuffing one’s face to oblivion or hanging out with people you cannot stand just because you share the same blood.

To me, it’s about a time out. Kind of a resting period before Christmas hits. A time to reflect on the things that I’m thankful for.

  1. Being married to Charlie.
  2. Having a new extended family that loves and cares about me.
  3. A new job. I am so relieved that I enjoy it
  4. That Charlie has a new job. She’s starting next week.
  5. Healthy animals.
  6. Our health (even though I have the sniffles right now)
  7. Friends – new and old
  8. A warm house
  9. A wonderful neighborhood
  10. A new couch

What are you thankful for this year?

3 thoughts on “thanksgiving

  1. I haven’t thought about what I’m thankful for, so perhaps that’s why I’m in a grump mood today. I think I would have to say the experience of dating someone seriously. I’m not going to say “OMG I’m so thankful to have a sig other”, because I’m not that kind of person. However, I’m learning a lot about myself that I didn’t know, and wouldn’t know, if I wasn’t seriously dating him, so I am thankful for that new knowledge.

    Also, health has been a huge deal this year, and I’m grateful for my overall good health. Sure, being injured for about 60% of the year isn’t an indication of health, but I’ve been able to bounce back relatively quickly.

    Have a good Thanksgiving!!


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