stupid family stuff & random chex mix

This week has been really busy with work. I’ve had meetings out of town two nights that I haven’t gotten home until 8:30 p.m. At least my district isn’t so far away that I have to do overnighter’s when I have meetings there. I’m ready to coast into the holidays now.

I have most of Charlie’s Christmas shopping completed and my family in Indiana’s completed. I sent my father and step mother bacon for Christmas secretly hoping that my Dad won’t eat it and leave it all for my step mother because I like her better anyway. My sister let me know that she completed her wish list on Amazon and I could go there for any ideas. Here they are:

1.       A stainless steel water bottle for $28 (not including shipping)

2.      A measuring cup that separates the fat for $9 (Ok, really not enough on it’s own to buy)

3.      A $28 cookbook

4.      Egyptian towels, wash clothes and hand towels all $28 each so, what, I buy 3 towels??

In the end, I just sent her a gift certificate for Amazon and called it a day. I have no time to think hard over whether the measuring cup and one towel is in my budget. My budget for her is $25. End of story. I’m done.

Speaking of which, she went down to the folks for Thanksgiving. My step mother was having her family over and her family is scar-ry.(Although, the relatives on my father’s side are no party, either) Here’s my sister who lives in her mansion in Indianapolis with the marble floors and bedas in her bathrooms going to visit because she wants to try and pressure our step mother’s daughter to pressure her to get a complete blood screen.

I said, What the h*ll is that gonna to do?

Well, she’s tired all the time and I think she needs to get one to see what’s going on.

Nothing’s going on except her two-pack a day cigarette habit, being 78 and taking care of Dad all the time. Of course she’s tired. Who wouldn’t be?

After she gets back from there she called me and said, Oh my Gawd, it’s terrible there. There’s junk sitting around everywhere, the house is falling down, the barn looks bad and Dad was sleeping the whole time. I don’t think anyone has property diagnosed dementia with him.

My sister, the certified doctor.

It cannot be determined if the farm is worse than it always has been or because my sister lives in a sterile mansion and everything in comparison is junky. This is why I hate for her to come to our house. She starts ragging about everything. Charlie’s folks come and they always say, This is such a cozy place. We love your house.

Charlie was off a few days between her old job and new job (which, she’s starting today so be sending good vibes out her way that it will be great) and hung Christmas lights, dragged out the Christmas decorations, fixed the floor under the old dishwasher (which, she tore out a week ago) and ordered a new one which she’ll install herself. The woman is a whirlwind. The new place is going to be so glad they hired her.


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