distorted christmas music in my head

Memlameeeh, memla-meh-meh, memlameeeh, memla-meh-meh, la-memla-mem-laaaaaa, la-memla-mem-laaaaaa, walkinginawinterwonderlaaaaaand!

This is the music that constantly plays in the back of my head from November 24 through New Year’s Eve when I have to get so drunk it leaves my head finally.

It’s a constant reel that keeps going around and around even this weekend when I was teaching or I should say – picking up motorcycles. If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again – I firmly believe that certain people who do not have a talent for this type of thing and should stay away.

I taught with big Don who looks like he could fill in as Santa Claus at the local mall. Of course, it was too cold to ride this weekend and it rained most of the day on Saturday so the weather wasn’t the best, either. Now that it’s over I want to just coast into the New Year.

We have our annual Christmas party for the motorcycle meetup group this week. This weekend we have a friend playing at a local café. I’m ready for fun! Last night Charlie and I loaded the dogs up in the car and we drove around the neighborhood looking at all the lights. Tonight, I think we’re going to go get a tree.

Last week, we had weather that was warm enough to go without a coat and this week it’s freezing again. The weather here has been nuts and I’m not dreaming of a white Christmas. Laaaam, lam-lam, lam-lam, laaaaaaaamestresssssss! Lam.lam.lam.lam-lam, lam-lam, laaaaaaaaam!


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