2014 end

I feel like I’m getting started early writing this post and I may continue it in another post upon further reflection (or after we get through Christmas and my attention span is more than of a gnat). 2014 was a good year. I have no complaints on this year what-so-ever. It started out a bang for me with a new job in February. It was an end to a long arduous time at the Department of Defense (yeah, I can say that now) and the interviewing process. For those of you who have been reading for a while you know that I was interviewing practically the whole year of 2013. Charlie has just started a new job (it’s going well. Thanks for all your positive thoughts!) so, we’re both fruitful in the employment arena this year.

In fact, 2014 was so good I almost don’t want it to end. The other night we got our tree (in the freezing cold – I hate winter) and hauled it into the house. We ate warm egg drop soup in front of the TV afterwards watching Sons of Anarchy (unlike 2014 I’m ready for it to be over. There’s only so much shooting and motorcycle riding I can take). I hope we don’t come home and find the tree lying on the floor. Theo was really interested in it and I think if he’d had his other arm would have been climbing it already. He would attack it and get stuck by one of the needles and retreat.

We had our annual Christmas party for our motorcycle meetup group last week at this bar/restaurant that the server ended up being such a huge @sshat that I will never darken their doorway again. (I wrote them a scathing review on Yelp and sent them a message on Facebook). Anyway, I’m kind of done with the meetup/motorcycle thing until March. There’s no sense in continuing to meet if it’s too freaking cold to ride. (Did I say I hate winter?)

I’ve been dragging myself to the gym every day and running 5k on the treadmill and lifting a bit afterwards. This is my new thing until Spring as I refuse to run outside in the wintertime. Tuesday after my workout I hit a wall. I was exhausted the rest of the day. I took some vitamins that night and Wednesday I took it easier on the treadmill and felt better. Today is spin class. I hope I don’t hit a wall after this one. That lady who runs it always kicks our @sses. I may get a protein drink afterwards.

In 2015, I continue all those running plans that went to sh*t last year after spraining my ankle. No obstacle races for me this year – just road races. I’m going to join the Atlanta Track club and take advantage of some free races (including Peachtree qualifiers) and, become an Active dot com member. I’m signing up for the Peachtree again this year. By fall I hope to do a 15k and maybe a 1/2 – we’ll see. I’d love to do the Thanksgiving day ½ – again, we’ll see.

Charlie and I found another cozy little bar to hang out at. I was tired of our former two neighborhood hangouts because of either running into this crazy woman, an old boss who I’ll only talk to if I have to, smoky old men going in and out of the bar and other various drama between people who hang out there and fight. We decided to stop off at this place one night on the way back from our fav little Mexican restaurant (which, is another place that we never have to worry about) and I was like, Hey, there aren’t any annoying people here. I’m not even going to say where it is because…….well, I want to keep it our little secret- for a while. I will include a pic, though.


(doesn’t it look cozy?)

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