NYDay race

On New Year’s day Ellen and I ran a 5k together. It was held at a local brewery with a tour afterwards. You know I’m always game to combine running with beer afterwards. Beforehand, we had gone over to her house to start off the year with peas and greens. I was hoping that we wouldn’t be revisiting these later in the day while running up one of the large hills that was on the course.

After eating we hung out awhile and drove to the race. It was lucky we’d gotten there early as later parking was non-existent even though an entire parking lot was roped off that they couldn’t use. It was not the most organized race. It started a bit late because they only had one guy checking everyone in. Then, it wasn’t obvious where the race began. Some guy came out with a megaphone and announced we would be starting at this telephone pole, running down to the arch of the finish line (I presume so we could activate our chip) doing a loop around the cul-de-sac and then proceeding on the course that would take us out on city streets.

Yeah, not the most organized.

It’s funny I never notice the hills until I’m out on the course. Just getting out of the beer complex was straight up a rather large hill. Then, once out on the street for every downhill we did we had to go uphill. The whole time I kept thinking, just finish it don’t worry about time. Because of the hills I felt I never really hit a steady pace, either. Much of the race I was winded and trying to hit a stride to no avail. I had no idea what my time was as my solar watch hadn’t had enough sunlight to charge and I couldn’t time myself. Once back and running towards the finish line I saw my time was 32:30 which, was a lot better than I had originally thought.

Charlie was there with water and we watched for Ellen as I cooled off. It was kind of an overcast, cloudy mid-50’s day. When the sun came out it was nice but when it went behind a cloud it got cold. Ellen was back by the time I went to the car and pulled my fleece out. We went in to get our beer tickets and drink. As we were standing at a table the same man that had checked everyone in came over and announced that they were going to give out awards. We listened as we drank and munched on chex mix they provided as after-race snacks (again, another really strange thing about the race). Suddenly, I heard my name being called. I had placed third in my age group. Granted, it was a small un-organized race that didn’t have a lot of participants but I was still kind of blown over about that.

Anyway, it gave me some inspiration to my starting running again since my ankle has been healed. I think that work on the treadmill paid off more than I originally thought. I think next I’m going to do the hot chocolate race here then on to some 10k’s to qualify for the Peachtree. Then, we’ll see where it goes.

Cheers and happy new year!


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