random chex mix

Awhile back I wrote a post about re-friending Yvonne. Well, she and Katherine came over the other night for dinner and Yvonne tuned the new drum kit for me. My new bass pedal comes in this week and then I will be good. I’m really stoked about it!

I’ve had a hard time lately concentrating enough to write. I have a burning desire to write but when I sit down to do so my mind goes blank. I think I need to start carrying a notebook around to write down ideas from time to time.

Does anyone out there listen to Aha radio? I find it way better than Pandora. We went to set up Pandora on our LG TV and it was the most frustrating experience. We kept having to go back and forth between the computer and TV typing in passwords, codes, etc. The remote almost went through the new window of the living room. I had to walk away from it at one point.

We’re in for a bunch of ugly weather here again -cold, rain, then cold again. This is why I hate winter so much. I dream of beaches and sun. I was so ready for the holidays to be over so we can move on to Spring. I always feel like Thanksgiving through the new year to be a huge block in the calendar. I see friends on FB who live in San Diego who constantly whine about it being in the 80’s and beautiful and how can they possibly celebrate Christmas if it’s so warm and nice. I want to say, Then move, mutha….

If you don’t like nice weather, beaches and palm trees in the winter then move to Illinois or something. Honestly, the human condition is whine if you have it and whine if you don’t. I know in August I’ll be whining about it being in the 100’s – I admit, I do it too.

Charlie and I are heading to the panhandle in May and I cannot wait! She’s never been there and it’s been years since I have. This is supposed to be our honeymoon but since Florida has passed same sex marriage we may consider getting married again while we’re down there.

If we get married in Florida in May while we’re there will we have to start over for our wedding anniversary, I asked while she was blow drying my hair.

She shut the dryer off and said, What?

I asked the question again.

OMG, Lanie – I haven’t had enough coffee to discuss this right now, turning on the hairdryer, drowning out my laughter.

What do you think? Two wedding anniversaries?



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