up in smoke

Everything has just sucked this past week and since I lit myself on fire. The healing process for burns is a slow and painful one I’ve learned. I struggled into work on both Monday and Tuesday but Wednesday I was done. I needed to stay home and air out my leg. The burn on the back of my leg is the worst and in a very bad place. I have to sit on the edge of my seat to keep from hitting it. Every time I drop my pants to go to the bathroom I have to be careful not to brush against it. Most times I do accidentally hit it and it hurts. I wanted to stay home again on Thursday but I realized that I didn’t do my timesheet and I had left my laptop at work (which, I won’t do again. With the unpredictable weather and my condition I think I will pack it up every night and take it home) I went into the office only to do it and got slung up in work. By midday my leg was hurting. I felt like puss was oozing down my leg and it throbbed. I had taped it up to keep it from sticking to my pants. I sent an email to my immediate and asked if I could move my telework day to Friday since I didn’t get to take it this past week because he called a meeting on my normal telework day, Monday and told me to suck it up and lose it. I understand the rules but really why does he have to be a complete d*ck about it? Later, I got a reply to my email that he would allow it just this once. Again, what’s with the d*ckiness? I closed up shop and left at 2. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was going to call in sick again on Friday if he didn’t allow me to telework that day. I mean, what is the problem with that? Everyone teleworks one day a week. Some PM’s even move their telework days if they have a meeting that falls on that day they need to attend. They get away with it but our team leader doesn’t want us to do that. I was pissed. I applied for another position in another department. I’m not sure I’d want it but if they offered I’d tell them I wanted 10k more and an office. If I could have that I’d move.

I think the bloom has fallen off the bud finally. Since our team got our new leader he has asserted some misplaced power. We went from having a guy that didn’t do anything to a guy who is trying to micromanage all of us. I can see right now it’s not going to fly. With the type of jobs we have and our roles we will grind him down and make him look like he can’t manage his way out of a paper bag. Looking at it from the outside I realize that I could do a much better job at it than him. (Not that I’d really want his job – unless they paid me 10k more and gave me an office) You are only as strong as your team and if you treat your team poorly then you will eventually end up looking like an asshole.

With all that said, I did work on Friday after going to the doctor and having an additional round of antibiotics prescribed. I’m now on two separate rounds. One I take twice a day and the other 4 times. All I can say from this experience is this – if you suffer second-degree burns – go to the doctor or hospital. Don’t try to deal with this shit on your own. Unless you’re taking antibiotics you probably will get an infection.

Taking the weekend and healing did a lot of good. Today, I finally feel good enough to lay off the ibuprophen. I think I will be able to run the Hot Chocolate race next weekend even though I haven’t ran in two weeks. This week I’m going to try a little light treadmill work and get back into it. This past weekend Charlie had off and we ran around and did errands and shopping. We cooked and watched the unfortunate end to the Green Bay game. (I can’t talk about it). The weather finally got better and the sun came out. We walked the dogs.

I’m off today for the MLK holiday so I think I will take the dogs for another walk later as it’s sunny and nice outside. One more day of healing and I’m back to the grind.




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