friday chex mix

I still have a few places that hurt and are oozing but for the most part I’m feeling better.

We’re having a Super Bowl party and there’s a ton of people coming for once. Even the people that we always invite who never come- are coming. It’s weird. I think originally we said, Let’s have a few peeps over for Super Bowl and then BAM – we have around 25+ people coming. Who knew?

When this was originally planned I was stoked thinking that my team [Green Bay] would be in it but – no. The whole end of the post season was so screwed up and I don’t like either team playing in the Super Bowl. I think Brady is lying when he says he knew nothing about the uninflated footballs. His ignorant response was a very poorly acted out script as well as the coach referring everything to him instead of stepping up and giving a response. What total BS although it’s hard to work up any support for Seattle, either. So, it’s the Super Bowl I don’t care about but the party that goes on during it.

This weekend I’m supposed to run the Hot Chocolate race here in Atlanta. I’m going to rest my leg until the day of and just do it – which reminds me that I need to go pick up my number today – how could I forget that?  [Slapping head] When I told Ellen that I was leery about signing up for races because it seemed that every time I pre-registered for a race something happened to me [Like, I caught on fire the day I registered for this race] she immediately went out and tried to find someone to buy my number. I don’t know if she was remembering my sprained ankle from last year that put me out of 3 races I’d signed up for or what but I told her I intended to do this one. Hell, I want the jacket even if I have to walk the damn thing.

Are dishwasher was delivered yesterday after a month of waiting. LG dishwasher comes over on a boat from China I swear. I’m praying that Charlie is going to get this thing in without any trouble tomorrow. Pray. PRAY! You know how I feel about these things. Anyway, happy Friday and have a great weekend!


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