super bowl aftermath

The Super Bowl party went off without a hitch. Initially, we had almost 40 people confirmed but it ended up being around 30 – still a crowd. We had scads of food and enough beer to sink a battleship (still do).

Alana’s group of friends showed up. (Since Alana and Meagan have moved to Idaho there is no party competition) CMW’s ex-friend, Yvonne showed up with her new girlfriend (The woman she played with at the coffee shop) and a smattering of other friends both from the motorcycle group and friends of friends. One weird couple that we’re not really friends with invited themselves. Some ex-pool buddies were here  – one hooked up with one of the motorcycle group ladies and messed up our spare room.

All in all it was a good time but the next day I was not happy. Next time we have a party, I’m taking off work the next day no matter what. The only reason I went in is because I had a meeting I couldn’t miss and in order to be able to attend my class all week I had to get with my boss about my projects. So, it was a give and take kind of thing.

I’ve been in a virtual class both this week and last week. It’s great! I can sit in my office at home in my sweatpants, still do my regular work and listen to the class on my iPad. The dogs have been lulled to sleep listening to this guy talk about project management requirements. On breaks I let them out, grab some coffee and look at email. I’m taking these classes all the way through June and then I’ll have a certification. I will then decide whether or not I want to sit for my PMP exam. I have mixed feelings about that as I’ve heard that exam is a bi-otch. I mean, if it were easy everyone would have it, right?

I’ve been off beer this week because I blew it out at Super Bowl. I’ve felt so fat lately so I decided that I want to get off of the beer and drinking during the week for a while. I’m just really fed up with myself and really need to lose some weight. I took the dogs on a really long walk yesterday – it was decent enough outside to do that. It was really nice. I took them on my 3 mile running route. I need to find another race to run so I can keep doing a race every month.


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