tuesday chex mix

So, what’s new?

We finally have a new dishwasher that works – this is the third one we’ve gotten from (B)Lowes and I would tell you about it but I’m so tired of the story I would probably perish if I had to tell it again. Needless to say we’re not going to get our oven from there – which, is next.

The “can I get my pan/dish/bowl” is still an ongoing saga. Like the dishwasher I’m tired of telling that story. Slutty Lisa wanted to come get her dish the other night while Charlie and I were in the middle of dinner. I offered to drop it off at slutty Leslie’s house and she started giving me shit about it. Ok, I’ll leave it outside. She never came and got it. So now, I’m running it over to Leslies today so I can be done with them for good. I mean, how hard is it to bring your food in a disposable pan? Seriously? Next time we have a party I’m going to say either bring a disposable pan or leave your address so I can drop it off or mail it to you at my convenience.

I ran that race last weekend and it was cold as shit! And, why do I always forget to bring disposable hand warmers and take Sudafed before so my nose won’t constantly be running down my face? I’m so unprepared. I think the nose part was a distraction. I didn’t think I did that well but it’s only the second race I’ve ran since my injury. I was thinking of running another one this weekend but it’s only supposed to be 20 degrees on Saturday and the race starts at 7:30. I don’t want to freeze to death. This one is an 8k – very tempting as I need to up my mileage. I don’t know – I’m still thinking about it. It’s a freebee (meaning free to Atlanta Track Club members) soooo, again tempting.

I downloaded this app called Uber after the neighbors kids told me about being all the way across town drunk off their faces and taking an Uber back to the house for only $12. Heck, if we needed it to only get to Decatur I bet it would be $5. I set it up on my phone to draw from my Paypal account. That way I don’t have to mess with cash and smelly cab drivers.

Charlie and I went on a great motorcycle ride last Sunday. It was so nice outside it made me really wish we were done with all this winter business. We’re hoping to get her a bike this Spring so she can start riding, too. We have several friends now who ride. Yvonne and another friend are signed up to take my motorcycle class in March and Yvonne is buying an ex of mine [Bird]’s bike.  Our other friend [who’s dating Yvonne] is in a group called the Chrome Bones. They have a couple of open rides coming up that happen to fall on weekends I don’t work. Katherine said in order to become a “patched” member you have to do a couple of open rides and then they decide if you’re “safe” enough. This was after I asked her what it took to join if I had to wear a strap-on and talk effeminate since the group is mostly gay men. We had a laugh over the “my being safe” part as I’m Mz. Safety. In fact, I wore my bright orange reflective vest last Sunday when Charlie and I rode and 4 people happened to pull out in front of us. Every time I anticipated that the stupid driver would do this and I was correct. It’s a zoo out there.



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