weeked recap

Charlie and I had a relaxing Valentines Day weekend. Saturday, we got up and had breakfast, went over to Ellen’s to take care of the chickens and then decided to go out for a V-Day lunch. Once we were done with that we ended up back at the house and sitting on the back porch. It’s hard to believe now – but, it was a nice evening out. Our neighbors were gone and we had the place [outside] all to ourselves. We practiced throwing beer bottles into the recycling bin and making A LOT of noise – on purpose as they weren’t there to complain. Sometimes they get on our nerves that way.

Yesterday, we decided to go to a movie and see American Sniper. I thought it was very good but the ending was a real bummer so just be forewarned. Afterwards, we came home and hung out while we grilled dinner. We managed to finally get a working dishwasher but now we need to start worrying about a stove. If it isn’t one thing it’s another.

I’m getting ready to work a couple of weekends in a row and I have to say that despite needing the $$ for a stove I’m dreading it. I had been wondering about something else to do part-time instead of teaching since it’s making me so miserable. It’s not really the students that make me miserable [most of the time although there are a few I wished who would take up underwater knitting] – it’s the man who employs me that I feel is treating me like a dog. I interviewed with a Segway tour group and made it through the first interview, however, when they asked me to come ride along on one of their electric car tours they never called me after that. The only thing I think why they wouldn’t be interested is either I’m not the right demographic for them and/or that I have a full time job and I wouldn’t be as available as most of the part timers they hire. Either way, I don’t think that particular tour was for me. What I end up doing to replace motorcycle teaching really needs to find me. So –

-after visiting Ellen’s Charlie and I decided to resurrect the landscaping biz and make her our first client as it’s a wreck over there. That way we can work our own hours and grow the business a little and later perhaps Charlie runs it full time. I like the idea because I already have the company set up (from my earlier unemployment days), business cards and we had a slew of friends who would be interested in maintenance. Although, we agreed we’d have to be specific about what services we’d offer.

So, we’ve been looking at landscape trailers and zero turn mowers which of course will probably one day lead to a mini barn out back. Maybe by the end of summer we’ll have it up and running. It’s a goal. I need to have an end date for teaching so I can tell them to kiss my @ss can back off that and focus on the landscaping and eventually fade that part of my life out. We’re also looking to get Charlie a motorcycle this spring. A couple of our close friends are getting bikes and it just makes sense. Plus, I’ve started this motorcycle group where we haven’t even ridden anywhere except to dinner.

Today, my office was closed because of the impending storm coming in. Everyone is hysterical about not getting caught out in it like last year. Me – I have enough personal days I can float at home all week if I want. The dogs have been hanging in the office, the cat’s in his bed and it’s quiet here a good day to write.


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