weekend recap – black fury

Charlie and I had Friday off together and we had decided to go by the Harley Davidson dealership and look at bikes.

Uh. Oh. You know what happens now:


Yes, we ended up walking out of there with a brand new Sportster 883 Iron. Now, Charlie can finally ride her own ride and instead of the back of my shirt saying, “If you can read this the bitch fell off” it will say, “Since you can read this the bitch got her own ride.” (Now, if it would only stop raining long enough for her to do her maiden ride on it.)

Saturday, she had to work and I waited for Black Fury (our neighbors named her) to be delivered. The delivery man no more unstrapped her from the trailer and rode her into the carport when it started sleeting. Great. So, I guess we’ll ride her in the Spring.

That night our friend, Katherine Cole (who is now Yvonne’s main squeeze and she is Katherine’s drummer-main squeeze) had a CD release party at Red Light Café’. Katherine is also the captain of a motorcycle club that was in attendance as well as about every lesbian in the community of Atlanta and then some. Most of crazy monkey woman’s ex friends were there (CMW was not as she doesn’t speak to any of them anymore which is a relief) along with our friend, Leslie who unfortunately said that her and Lisa were “having a good time” and “sorry we messed up your bed.” Charlie and I sat with Ellen who had her new squeeze there, Stephanie. Most of CMW’s old friends came up and said hi and Hippy Dippy came by and said for the 45th time she needed to take my motorcycle class. Then, some random woman who was friends with one of CMWs’ ex friends asked about taking the class. If I got a commission for every class I referred people to I wouldn’t have to work.

The show was great and right before Katherine’s last number an ex friend of mine walked in with roses. Leave it to her to upstage everyone else – no, I’m too important to sit and listen to your entire show but – look at me waltz in at the last second with roses. Everyone look at me because I’m so important. This was what I was thinking when Stephanie turned around and said, Who’s that weird woman who just walked in?

I said, “Long story.”

She looks like a troll.

I had to agree. A long time ago when I wrote the blog before this one (which, I deleted and secretly told my followers where they could find me again) I wrote about this.  Back when I was unemployed troll had hired me to do work for her landscaping company and like all her ex-friends/and people who work for her she ends up screwing them over and/or having arguments with because she has anger management issues. Our fallout was over me trying to find additional work with a realtor friend of ours who had offered the job first to her company and her turning it down because it was too small and she only wanted to do jobs up in the snobby Paces Ferry area for rich people who most of the time never paid their bills. She found out that I had called the realtor bitch to see if I could get the work and then accused me of trying to take work away from her. I had tried to explain at the time that I had only done this after she said she didn’t want the work and that I wasn’t trying to take work away from her. I was just trying to make ends meet as she only had me working for her 2-3 days a week. All of her other illegals crew had outside landscaping work, too, and she knew this. Anyway, she fired me after screaming at me over the phone and held my last paycheck from her for 6 months after that.  This was six years ago and I have not spoken to her since – even after she sent me rambling emails and voice mails saying she was still upset over me taking work – never a “I’m sorry” because, really, her ego doesn’t allow for that. Later, I started my own landscaping company with many accounts and I replied to one of her emails saying that I had no room for her in my life anymore.

So, as I was edging for the door that night her wife came up to supposedly say Hi to Katherine but got so close to me that all I could do was say, Hey and walk away. It wasn’t a Hey I’m acknowledging you – it was a Hey I’m not talking to you and you’re getting in my space, Hey.  I wasn’t talking to that bitch, either. She was just as much to blame as the troll.  But, she was getting my face like she wanted to talk.

Finally, we got out of there without any uncomfortable conversations and Charlie was like, “That’s such-and-such?! Wow – she looks like a troll.”

“She is a troll.”

I’m done with that part of my life. I don’t want anything more to do with her or her wife.

I’m so ready for Spring and to start riding with Charlie. If only the weather would cooperate.

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