miller time

Ever had days where FaceBook just pisses you off? I’m having one of those days. It’s just the whininess of it all. The poor me I have to work today [from being off all week because of snow days] and the poor me the sun is out and it’s Friday but I’m still depressed. Ok, Whiner #1 – at least you have a job, bi-otch!  [and, it’s a miracle you still do from milking the system with your workers compensation bs for so long]. Whiner #2 – if you would just go ahead and file for a divorce instead of trying to have your cake and eat her it too then you wouldn’t have the blues.

Good Goddess, people.

Yeah, I clicked off FB immediately this morning. There are some days I just need the ambiguous sometimes patronizing witty dialogue of a twitter feed. But –

-do you ever think that Twitter people think they’re smarter than you? That they have the razor tongues of a drag queen with Xanax withdrawals?

I at least put some funny things on Charlie’s page before I clicked off – she has reason to feel run down this week because she’s worked practically 5-12’s in a row and she’s draggin’ butt. Unlike some people she never got any snow days. Broken legs and flipped stomachs don’t go away on dogs and cats when there’s a dusting of snow and ice on the road.

I have to work with idiots all weekend in the rain but I’m not complaining – damn right. For now, it’s Miller time.

Have a great weekend, y’all!


4 thoughts on “miller time

  1. And woe to anyone who responds to the whiners with anything but “poor thing” and a pat on the head. One of my chronic cry babies posted “There is nothing worse than spending the day at the DMV, ” to which I responded that I heard the Holocaust was pretty bad. Got myself unfriended for that one! 😀


  2. There’s nothing worse than people who post about how sad or sick or depressed they are all of the time on Facebook. I mean, really? I just don’t get it. Shouldn’t we try to spread more light than darkness? I know it’s just people crying out for help, but it still bugs me. Right on, sister.


  3. And unfortunately I pretty much ruined the whole weekend for you by breaking MY foot, sorry you didn’t get your miller time


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