Today it’s been a week and 2 days since Charlie got out of the hospital from having surgery. I took her to the doctor yesterday so they could remove her temporary cast from surgery and put on a new one that will remain for the next 6 weeks. We both have been looking forward to losing the old cast with the drain attached. That thing makes it a bi-otch to get pants over it [although it did ensure we had privacy at the bar the other day as the woman sitting at the table next to us – when she spied it moved to the other side of the bar and we were able to stretch out].

Things have been really hectic with me taking care of everything and really slow for Charlie trying to heal. I think we would both gladly trade places right now – let me sit on my butt for a while and you can run around – gosh, I wish we could do that.  Friends have been by to bring food, sit and talk, visit and just help in general. Although, we had so much company last week and Charlie’s friend, B, coming in from Florida over the weekend that we were pretty worn out by Sunday.

I have realized that there is only so much I can deal with and will let Charlie deal with. I have taken her phone away a couple of times because of certain people who will remain nameless calling and upsetting her.

Other things I haven’t been able to deal with is the motorcycle shit. The site manager and I have been going around and around about stuff lately and was kind of a raging bitch because I had to leave my class and could not work that Sunday because Charlie had surgery. That is -until she found someone to step in and replace me.  That was the straw that broke the camels’ back. So, I’m quitting, however, I was waiting to teach this class with my friend in it this weekend and I see that she’s put her in K and Peter’s class and cancelled my class. So I plan on sending in my notice. I mean, I know that we could probably use the extra $$ right now by me working that job but mentally I’m not there. I hate it all. I mean, I can’t teach people if I don’t give a rats ass about the program, them, the site manager, all of it. And, do you think she once texted or called to ask about Charlie? Nope. There are so many other things I could be doing for myself and Charlie that are more positive than working for an organization that doesn’t give a rats @ss about their instructors. At this point I’d rather cut grass.

I have been going to work at my regular job and then coming home in the afternoons and sometimes working there. I’ve been carrying my laptop around everywhere I go. I’m very fortunate that I have the type of job that a lot of my work can be done remotely. Very thankful! So, that job is going well and I love it. Maybe I should focus more on a promotion instead of teaching, anyway. I think all of this is the universe trying to send messages like, You don’t need to do this anymore and you need to do more of that instead. 

So I will.


2 thoughts on “focus

  1. I’d rather not be sitting on my ass,,, I don’t like the fact that it stresses you and don’t like to ask you to help me,, hurts to put you in that position and I’m sorry


  2. Bing and I have the same problem. I have to undergo all these medical tests and appts and she wants to be with me but I have yet to meet an antsier person in a waiting room. She literally paces back and forth,making it stressful for me. And she can hardly bear the smell of hospitals. This might get dicey….


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