gone girl

Please accept this message as notification of my resignation as rider coach at the MSF facility in [City near Atlanta] as of today March 11, 2015. 

I have arranged for the personal items I left there to be returned to me so no further contact is necessary.


I sent that to the two managers as I sat at the bar having a beer and waiting for Charlie’s prescription to be filled. Not more than two minutes went by and the bitch was calling me. I casually reached over and hit the Decline button. She can fuck off.

A day later I get an email from two of the guys I used to work with saying, “Heard you retired”. I looked down in the body of the message [which, I might add was never sent to me] and there was this:

Hey Everyone!!

Good morning!!  Just wanted to give a heads up that Lanie has decided to retire from teaching at the MSF Campus. Lanie put in a lot of great years working with students!!  We wish her nothing but happiness and the best !!!

Please get in touch with me if you have any coach referrals that may want to work with us. Would like to meet with any interested prospects. I prefer someone that isn’t already teaching a lot at other sites.


Normally, when coaches retire they send out a message to everyone saying, Hey, I’m retiring. It’s been a blast and I will miss working with you all… – blah, blah, blah. Me – I sent out nothing. The few people who messaged  me got cryptic replies back with no details. Those who are on my FB know a little more detail since I posted something.  I figure K can fill Peter in this weekend when he’s teaching MY class and then everyone will know the story because rider coaches gossip like a bunch of old women anyway. And, yes, I did put in a lot of great years there and don’t deserve to be treated like I did. So, it’s over and it feels great not to worry about it anymore.


One thought on “gone girl

  1. Your an amazing teacher and person to learn things in general. I always enjoyed watching you teach ( mostly cause I thought you looked hot on range, yum) anyway after the way you were treated I don’t blame you, I was a little put off with the lack of concern of when I was hurt and all they cared about was if you were going to cover class, there’s something to be said for people that have no empathy, you deserve better and like you said this is the universe telling you something, I love and believe in you? Your one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met, and so respect you. Chin up lover, better things are waiting xox


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