running on chex mix

We’re on the fourth week since Charlie’s injury. Currently, she’s able to get around pretty good with her wheelchair and crutches. The other day we were able to go to Sam’s Club and do some shopping pretty easily with her in the chair and me pushing a cart. Originally, we were considering the Farmers Market but it’s hard to get around in there with two usable legs and a hand basket let alone someone in a wheelchair. I probably would have been arrested going after someone for tripping over her leg if we have gone there. People in there are so rude they will push you aside just to get at some cucumbers or they’re not looking where they are going and will run right over you.

I can’t wait for April to get here and winter a distant memory. We don’t have a date just yet for Charlie to lose the cast but we’re hoping by the end of April. St. Paddy’s day we went over to Katherine’s house for a party with the motorcycle group– a mixture of both gay men and lesbians. Yvonne was there – newly moved in with Katherine and just having successfully completed her motorcycle class the weekend prior. I explained to her the situation with quitting and was sorry I couldn’t be there but it couldn’t be helped. But, on the upside I’m available now on weekends to ride and run races. I have been taking Black Fury out on the weekends and doing my in-town loop for the break-in period so last Saturday it was nice out and I took her on the loop and back.

Sunday, I had signed up to do a race with Ellen. Regrettably, it rained the entire race and day. It was a decent race, relatively flat and it wasn’t raining too bad during race. We were still soaked by the time it was all over. A hot shower never felt so great afterwards.




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