landscaping and people crashing – or not

Saturday, I started a landscaping job for my first client since I resurrected the landscaping business.  Charlie and I had bought a trailer and after much screaming coaching she is helping me back it up. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it up my client’s steep driveway the day we delivered the material. The neighbor lent us his dolly and I made a mental note to purchase one for the business.

Most of the day Saturday I planted trees and mulched in the back and in the front I took out 5 huge Spanish Bayonets. (There should be a law against planting these things in locations other than under your teenager’s windows) Even though by the time I was done with this my back was sore and I was hungry enough to eat the @ss-end off a sow it still felt better than any motorcycle class I had taught in a very long time. The whole time I’m digging holes I’m thinking these trees arn’t arguing with me, crying because it’s too hard being a tree and most importantly arn’t crashing through the fence. Yes, it was good!

I went home and got cleaned up, ate and Charlie and I went for a ride to go look at another vehicle. As we were coming back into town from looking at the vehicle the girls texted us saying they were at the hamburger/bar joint and to come by.  It was Mary Ann, Ellen and her new squeeze, Steph, and Mary Ann’s sister visiting from Maine. We sat out on the back deck, had beers, burgers and laughed. They were going on to the Clermont Lounge and My sisters room. Charlie and I passed on that. I remember a time when I would have been all about that. Now instead, I fantasize about crawling into bed with Charlie and watching TV as opposed to smoky bars and strippers – especially, when my aching back and muscles were telling me I needed to rest up for the 10 shrubs I needed to plant the next day, too.

We finally bit the bullet and ordered a new stove today. PRAY that it’s not a nightmare like the dishwasher was. Charlie gets her cast off on Wednesday, however, here’s the fine print: She can’t put weight on it for another month and has to put the cast back on with an Ace bandage when she goes out for protection of her foot.

So, the crutches and wheelchair arn’t going anywhere soon. She has a knee walker but since she crashed that at the Pike Nursery the other day she’s stayed off it – who would have thought knee walkers were so dangerous?! I looked over and she was surrounded by 4 women with Pike shirts on. I told her that had the wedding band not been apparent that she probably would have gotten a few phone numbers that day.

Oh, honey they were just worried I’d sue them.

Surrrrre, babe. Pretty girl in distress that crashed her walker. Uh huh. I bet lawsuit was in the forefront of their minds…..

This week I have an interview and hopefully more landscaping work this weekend. Fingers crossed!


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