wall street

I know you’ve been dying to know how the interview went. I had it this morning and it went very well – as well as it could have been and there’s nothing I would have changed about it. I managed to say everything that I wanted to say and express every little detail in my answers to their questions. It’s a highly coveted position in my department and there’s currently only one slot open so it’s going to come down to whom they have in mind for the position. I did my best so we’ll see what happens – hey, I was shortlisted for my current job out of 80 people so there is that.

Despite our coveted positions we have a ton of work – a ton of it. I have about 10 balls in the air at any given time all wanting to drop on the floor and if one does I’m in trouble. We never run out of work and we have an endless amount of it. Never ending and it grows on a daily basis.

Other departments in our organization like to put all their work on us – like we’re all not working on the same project. I call our department “The Everything Pizza department” because everyone seems to think we’re responsible for everything on a project. (Honestly, you don’t know how tempted I am sometimes to pick up the phone and answer, “Welcome to Everything on your pizza how can I help you?”) They blame us for missing their milestones as well. We’re the bad guys in the organization, yet, everyone wants to be us. People in other departments who have applied for the job I have are bitter they didn’t get it and even more so when they see people like me brought in from the outside that got it.

But, it’s a race of the fittest and I owe my interviewing skills to the 1-1/2 year I interviewed with government agencies. Government agency interviews are the toughest to prepare for and the hardest to be accomplished in doing successfully. I’ve had interviews with panels of 2-15 people all from different departments. I’ve have technical interviews where I had to perform a task in front of the interviewers. I’ve had some who brought me in 3 times to interview in front of different panels than I had before. The only thing to do in these cases is prepare your presentation because that’s what it’s going to be – a presentation on your experience and why you are best suited for the job. They may ask you anywhere from 4-12 questions but what it comes down to is the same 4 over and over again- your education and experience, how you handled a difficult situation, what was the outcome and why you’re a good candidate for the job. All these questions are just worded differently in all 8-12 questions just to throw you off. They want you to tell a different story every time – not just the same story 8 times about the time you gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a project, saved it and everyone danced around, harmony for all.

So, anyway – that’s my speal for the day about jobs and interviewing. Who knows what will happen. It’s all up to the Universe now.