what can brown do for you?

Can you believe I haven’t gotten my automatic canner yet? First, I was notified that the item would not be delivered without a signature. So, of course I couldn’t get home the day it was attempted to be delivered and found a UPS sticker on my door of failed attempt.

Since I supposedly telework on Thursdays I got online and signed up for crock-of-shit UPS My Choice, paid the $5 to change delivery date to the following Thursday. Said Thursday rolls around and no delivery was made. I went online to check my bullshit UPS My Choice account and realized that I had made it for the following Thursday (which, is TODAY!). I also checked a box online requesting to release the signature and authorize it to be left at the house since my stupid boss has decided it’s a new rule now that we cannot telework if there’s a holiday in the week and I had to come in.

THEN, I get an email this morning from UPS CHOICE saying basically, Oh, sorry we changed the delivery to TOMORROW because we accidentally left the package at our facility.

I called UPS and rained down a stream of expletives –to two people, I might add – that ended with “you’d better find a way to deliver my package TODAY or else you can refund me my $5”.

I was taking it all out on the treadmill afterwards while two calls came in from them. I let it go to voicemail because I had wasted enough time with these stupid What-can-Brown-do- for-YOU?-people. They’d just better find a way to fix this without keeping me on the phone for another 30 minutes.

Supposedly, the thing is being delivered today and my $5 is being refunded. We’ll see


yoga – blah

I left for yoga after I wrote that last post. I think I need some more yoga in my life because I feel like a stiff twig that might eventually snap. In the past when I’ve been running a lot I’ve taken a yoga class once a week to tune up the muscles and try to get more flexibility. After yesterday’s class I feel like I’ve been ran over by a train. It’s going to take some time to get to the level where this stuff actually feels good.

I also jointed weight watchers yesterday. I’m just doing the online program right now. By the time I added in all my food yesterday I only had 8 points left for dinner. Two beers would have done it but I skipped it and shared the Mediterranean sampler platter I brought home for both Charlie and I for “dinner and a movie” night. We made a picnic in the living room and watched 50 Shades of Grey. I have the books but haven’t read them but I have to admit I was surprised at the ending. I know they are probably opening this up for a sequel – sure. I thought it was just O.K. and glad I didn’t pay money to see it in the theatre.

So, this whole points thing has me wanting to work out twice per day so I have more booze food points to work with. I took the dogs on a long walk today – which, was more points that the yoga – surprisingly, because I thought I worked my @ss off in there. I need to go out to the grocery store and pick up something to make for dinner tonight. I have a recipe picked out. Wonder if I should ride my bicycle there – Lol. I’m afraid to leave because they are supposed to deliver my automatic canner today.


I cannot wait to get that thing and start canning some salsa, pickles and dilly beans. No more standing over a hot stove in the middle of summer waiting for the water to boil so I can sanitize the jars. I’m hoping to try it out this weekend and at least make some salsa. I can buy most of the produce I need at the Farmer’s market.