what can brown do for you?

Can you believe I haven’t gotten my automatic canner yet? First, I was notified that the item would not be delivered without a signature. So, of course I couldn’t get home the day it was attempted to be delivered and found a UPS sticker on my door of failed attempt.

Since I supposedly telework on Thursdays I got online and signed up for crock-of-shit UPS My Choice, paid the $5 to change delivery date to the following Thursday. Said Thursday rolls around and no delivery was made. I went online to check my bullshit UPS My Choice account and realized that I had made it for the following Thursday (which, is TODAY!). I also checked a box online requesting to release the signature and authorize it to be left at the house since my stupid boss has decided it’s a new rule now that we cannot telework if there’s a holiday in the week and I had to come in.

THEN, I get an email this morning from UPS CHOICE saying basically, Oh, sorry we changed the delivery to TOMORROW because we accidentally left the package at our facility.

I called UPS and rained down a stream of expletives –to two people, I might add – that ended with “you’d better find a way to deliver my package TODAY or else you can refund me my $5”.

I was taking it all out on the treadmill afterwards while two calls came in from them. I let it go to voicemail because I had wasted enough time with these stupid What-can-Brown-do- for-YOU?-people. They’d just better find a way to fix this without keeping me on the phone for another 30 minutes.

Supposedly, the thing is being delivered today and my $5 is being refunded. We’ll see


5 thoughts on “what can brown do for you?

  1. The same freaking thing just happened to me today!! Only with DHL. I ordered something, it got delivered yesterday (or attempted), so they took it back. I had to call and reschedule it for next freaking week! And I had no idea it was something that required me to be at home. No where did it mention that that was how it was going to be delivered. Ugh. Stupid. I’m feeling your pain sister. xoxo


  2. I hate when things like that happen!! Although, I’m very intrigued about this automatic canner, you must post a full review once you’ve had a chance to test it out!! I haven’t made any jams in the last year and a half, but would like to start up again.

    Hope you got the package already!


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