fitbit murder


(I put this on here because this cat looks exactly like our Theo)

The weekend was almost as perfect as it could be. Saturday, Charlie and I took a short ride – her on the Harley and me on the Triumph. We were trying out our new Bluetooth helmets and had the intercom system paired so we could talk.

After we rode we went to the farmer’s market and loaded up on lots of fruits and veggies since they are 0 points in my diet plan. (I’m finding it wonderful that Becks Premium Light is only 2 points). I’ve been logging in my food, activity and weight via Weight Watchers online. I also got a Fitbit (which, I suspect is trying to kill me) that links the activities to my WW online program. This is a great tool because it seems to be more accurate although it logged only 11 active minutes for sex and I thought that should have been longer   than trying to log in the activities manually though WW.  But I find that I’m not content unless I get my five little lights meaning that I’ve reached my activity goal for the day. So far I’ve lost 3 lbs. It’s nothing to sneeze at but I really thought I’d lose about twice that in one week. At least it’s something and I’m not killing myself for nothing. I ate carbs that weren’t in the form of beer for the first time yesterday – chips and salsa and it was wonderful!

That night, we went out to Red Light café to see Katharine and Yvonne play. As always, it was a great show! Charlie and I sat with Michale (formerly known as Mary Ann and was asked to give her a nickname on my blog so here it is, Michale) and a few of her friends. Later, I talked Charlie into going out to the Clermont Lounge. Unfortunately, it was packed and not its usual quaint place. So, home to bed (and, my fitbit logged only 6 hours and 33 minutes of sleep much to my chagrin).  The next morning, Charlie announced we only had an hour before we needed to ride to her work. She wanted to ride in for her Sunday meeting and I was to go with her. Soon as I dropped her off I headed over to Katharine’s house to look at her landscape. She wanted me to look at doing some mulching for her. I drove up and parked at the street and walked around and took pictures until Yvonne opened the door and asked me in. I didn’t know if they were awake yet from the previous late night. I went in for coffee and we talked about the show, writing music, books and photography and finally what they wanted me to do as far as mulching went. By the time I got done there it was almost time to ride over to Charlie’s work to pick her up. Once I picked her up I was trying to volley back and forth on my Bluetooth between music and the intercom system talking to her and accidently called this women we had met the previous night at the show who wanted to start riding with us. We had a short conversation while I was riding both laughing at my accidentally calling her while I was on the bike. We dumped the bikes off and decided to go have a snack of chips and salsa at Tijuana Garage and watching the women’s softball world series (which, was quite good – I swear you have to have a ponytail to play fast pitch softball). Later, after um – 11 minutes of activity -we hung out on the porch getting ready to grill steaks when Michale stopped by on her way back from Brockett. We sat out there until it was time to grill, went in for dinner and tried to finish the premiere of Aquarius (we have only 35 minutes left to finish). I have no idea how much sleep I got last night because I took the fitbit off for a bath and forgot to put it back on.

I still haven’t gotten my automatic canner – it’s supposed to be delivered today and Charlie’s there to sign for the stupid thing whenever they decide to deliver it. It’s been maddening.



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