we’ll see – my @ss

Remember that Grey’s Anatomy episode where everyone sang in place of the dialog?



The idea of making a Broadway musical out of them trying to save Callie Torres was about the most ridiculous thing I ever watched. I felt like the singing took away from the storyline and that it didn’t advance as quickly because they were too busy singing. It was one of those things where you wanted to know the answers – will she survive, will her and Arizona get married, will their unborn child be Ok? Very important questions that were taken up with “We’ll see so I’m going to sing this song right now….”

We’ll see might as well be a four-letter word to me. Its’ a I’m not going to take responsibility right now for anything because I’m hoping the stars will line up perfectly by tomorrow and that way I won’t have to make a decision.

We’ll see entails nothing. It’s a sit back and wait type of deal. It’s a hoping that someone else will take care of it kind of attitude or a maybe if I don’t do anything it will go away ideal.

I can’t stand it, to be honest. In my job I am tasked daily to find out answers to the many questions involved in multi-million dollar projects. If my boss called me up and asked me what was the outcome of a question I asked to one of the many department heads on a task and I said that they came back and told me that they said, We’ll see I’d probably be written up. There would be a whole slew of firings if everyone took a We’ll see attitude.

Nothing gets done with a We’ll see attitude.

I heard this quote the other day: If you’re unhappy with your life then quit complaining about it and change it.

Most of the people I’ve ran across that takes the We’ll see attitude probably wouldn’t like that phrase above. They would be like, Well, things are OK. I’m getting by and maybe I’ll think about doing that next week. We’ll see.

It’s really hard to make plans with people that take a We’ll see attitude as well. Other phrases they use are: I’ll look in to it or It’s a possibility. Nothing is ever decided and/or planned and you feel like an ass if you ask them again about it because they never really gave you an answer the first time. Do people who do this have avoidance issues? They don’t want to deal with certain things? If so, then why don’t they say, Oh, I don’t want to deal with that right now. Or  I’ll get back to you next Tuesday on that and we’ll go from there. Those are much better responses than the blowoff of We’ll see.

Today, I decided to take a break from all my We’ll see people who drive me crazy – because my mental health is important.


One thought on “we’ll see – my @ss

  1. Yes and yes, and excellent choice. The other lie is “it’s complicated”- No, we’re adults, I very much doubt it’s a complicated quantum physics issue- more likely, someone doesn’t want to confront the problem and talking about it would force them to do just that.

    To keep many plants healthy we have to prune them. The same is true of life and relationships. If you don’t you can’t really grow because those people who are stuck in negative, unproductive patterns just won’t let you 😉

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