concerts and riding

A blinking cursor followed by an empty document is the worst, isn’t it? Sometimes it’s so hard to break the seal of writing. Last weekend I was able to break the seal and finally start my next book project. I at least eked out a chapter of 934 words. Not bad for not having written anything serious in the last few years. This one is a sci-fi thriller. I’m not really going to go into details as I don’t believe in putting my work on my blog. This blog and book projects are two separate things. But, I will say that if I self-publish this one (like my last one) I will link it in case you want to download it to read. (and, if any of you want to download and read my last book just shoot me a message and I will give you the information.)

I have all next week off – save for taking a virtual class for three days but I plan on making a huge dent on the new book. I can’t wait. A whole week dedicated to just messing around in my home office taking my class, writing and playing the occasional drums. I can’t wait!

Tonight, Charlie and I are going to see The Rolling Stones play. She’s going to take the train to my office and we’re going to dinner from there and then Uber it over to the stadium. I’m hoping this concert will be as good as the one we went to last Friday: Matt Nathanson: The Fray : Train. They were all fantastic and we had incredible seats that were lawn seats that I had scored for $15 each through a Groupon. It was money well spent because all three of them were good but Train just blew everyone away. We asked Michale to go with us and she drove us down there.  The three of us had a ball! She’s one of our few friends that actually do stuff with us. Granted, I feel like I always have to plan stuff – even with the friends who do things with us – I’m always looking ahead and seeing things to do or happy hours to have. Some people just never even ask – ever. It’s frustrating and makes me not want to ask them to do anything, either.

Michale also just got a motorcycle (yesterday) so now our little click is complete – me, Charlie, Michale, Kath & Yvonne all have bikes now. We were trying to get Stacy to get a bike but she stupidly said that until Georgia got rid of their helmet law she wasn’t riding (which, I could see Ellen roll her eyes out of the corner of my eye).

Since I quit the teaching business I don’t lecture anymore I just think, Being stupid is your business, not mine.

I bet you’ll change your mind when you see Ellen riding away on the back of my bike, Michale replied.

Hmm, should be interesting…..

IMG_3702 (1) (Charlie and I at Train concert)


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