Soccer and Crystal 

I was about to tuck into a Wells Bombardier the other night and watch the soccer game at our favorite little Irish pub when Charlie said, We’d better get there early and get seats.

I was really hoping that we would catch at least the first 30 minutes of the game but agreed she’d had a point. We were going to see Crystal Bowersox at Edie’s Attic and it was bound to fill up. I looked up at the TV and USA was warming up and knew it would be another 30 minutes even before kickoff. I suggested that we finish off our beers and go. I was proud of Charlie for getting us concert tickets and planning a date night so I wasn’t going to ruin it by making us arrive late and have to stand all night.

We walked into the room and already people were sitting at the middle bar. There were several seats at the back bar but several of them had water glasses sitting in front of them like they were being saved. I started to go up and tap the lady sitting on the end and ask if they were taken when I realized she was…………


I turned around and started the opposite direction when Charlie said, “Oh my God is that Lee and Heidi?”

“Why yes it is.”

Just then two seats appeared at the front bar and I asked the guy next to one of them if they were taken and he said, “They are now.”

Pulling out one of the stools so Charlie and I could wedge our way in.

I’m so glad we found a seats here.

I am too, and we have our backs to them now so we don’t have to look at them.

If you read this post you know that Lee basically went out to Seattle to bust up Rhoda and Heidi. Apparently, Heidi is shacking up with Lee who still lives in Bertha’s (her ex of 9 years) basement.

I looked at the clock on the wall – we still had an hour before any music was played. I signaled the server and ordered a pitcher. If we were in for the haul might as well focus on the liquid. I told Charlie I was going out on the back porch to see if the soccer game was on and go to the restroom. I went out back and no, the game wasn’t on –which was so LAME and then to the bathroom. I’m standing there waiting for someone to come out of one of the two stalls when one of the stall doors open almost hitting me and out walked Crystal Bowersox.

“Oh, sorry.”

“No problem.” Thinking, Crystal Bowersox can hit me with the bathroom door anytime.

I came back into the music room and settled down next to Charlie. It wouldn’t be long now. Finally, people started flooding in and taking the reserved seats and the place started to fill up. Eventually what seemed like an eternity Crystal took the stage to introduce one of the warmup performers.

“I want to bring to the stage a good friend of mine. This is a woman I discovered in Seattle walking by a café’ I heard this incredible voice…..”

I eyed the keyboard on the stage and my stomach dropped. Surely Crystal Bowersox wasn’t talking about Heidi and her pitiful little mewing she calls singing while she pounded the keyboard. Surely not. I’m going to fall.out. if she brings her up there. Maybe that’s why Heidi and Lee are here – Heidi is playing. Oh.My.God. If she brings her up on stage I’m going back to the Irish bar and watch soccer until she’s gone.

“……….please everyone welcome Whitney Monge.

IMG_3801 (Charlie and Whitney)

Relief flooded me.

“Oh, I knew she wasn’t good enough to be up there, Lanie.”

“You never know, Charlie. She’s fooled a lot of people.”

After many drinks, and listening to wonderful artists including Crystal Bowersox we left. We managed to get through the whole night without any communication or contact with Lee and Heidi and USA won without my visual help so it was a win-win situation.

IMG_3807 (Crystal takes to the stage)


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