the [walking] dead ride

Last Sunday, Charlie and I met up with a group of [mostly] guys to ride to several Walking Dead sites in Georgia. Even though Charlie and I were the only cruisers of the group we managed to keep up. The group leader, Dakota happened to be a county sheriff in North Georgia, carried a sidearm (which, I was thankful for as I had decided to leave mine at home and I had been to Terminus previously and vowed I wouldn’t return without one) and ensured no one would get left in the group or exceed 70 mph on the highway.

Many of the photos below I linked to The Walking Dead Locations website.

Our first stop was the bridge overlooking the Highway. I’m not sure if this is Jackson bridge or not. I couldn’t find it on TWD location website. IMG_3303 (someone took a panoramic picture of the group)

Next, over to Grant Park for a photo in front of Rick’s house:


After Ricks’s we decided to ride to Smyrna where the Cobb Energy  Performing Arts Center that “played” the CDC in the show. (The real CDC wouldn’t let the film crew anywhere near their site for security purposes)


After sweating our butts off a bit we hopped back on the highway and headed for Terminus.

IMG_3305 (Charlie’s in yellow, I’m in blue in front of her. The guy in the back was one of our trip captains and he always made sure Charlie didn’t fall too far behind since it was her first highway trip)

IMG_3264 (Terminus. Like several TWD sites it’s chained up and no getting into)

Next we rode down to Newnan, GA to the Caldwell  Tanks location. This location was known as the Woodbury Arena where The Governor held the zombie fights and eventually where Daryl and Merle fought. (this was my favortie location of the trip)

IMG_3865 IMG_3267IMG_3866

By this time we’re parking in the trees to get any sort of shade as possible. The next place we stopped was the FEMA camp where Shane shot Otis.

Then to probably the creepiest town I have ever been in – Sharpsburgh, GA. As you can see from the photos the only people who were there were us. This is where Glen and Maggie went to Steve’s pharmacy and Carriage Bar and Shruggs Hardware:  

IMG_3874IMG_3877 (one of these stores had creepy dolls in the window. I told Charlie “Let’s get out of heeeeeeere!!)


(that’s me looking in the window. There was a ton of junk in there)


By this time I was running out of steam. We were all hot and dehydrated and seeking food and shelter – kind of like TWD survivors. So, we headed to Senoia, GA for lunch.

IMG_3878 IMG_3879 IMG_3880

These were the only pictures I was able to capture at the time. Charlie and I ended up in this cool Irish pub eating lunch with part of our group (we kind of split up at that point because part of the group wanted to walk around and being as my boot heel melted off and I was hot and tired I just followed the other half of the group into the nearest bar possible). This was a good choice not only because of location but because one of the guys in lunch group was a camera person for TWD for four years and he had all kinds of interesting stories and inside scoop on TWD. Unfortunately, after our ride back we never got his contact info nor was he on our FB event page. So, I guess we’ll just have to run into him again someday. Charlie and I want to do another ride down to just Senoia just to have lunch and come home. When it’s cooler!


One thought on “the [walking] dead ride

  1. So cool! I am so glad y’all got to see so many places – even if you were about to melt to death. We’ve got more places that we need to see, I believe! 🙂


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